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“All music is beautiful.” – Billy Strayhorn –

Wine, beer, beats, trendy nightclubs, and in general an overall feeling of life being enjoyed while you are living it is something you can find in Barcelona. Barcelona has many types of nightlife pleasures to offer. Here are some places that we think you may like that vary in their style, presentation and offerings to your nightlife desires.

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Here are some great places to be a night owl in Barcelona:

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Razzmatazz

C. Macarena Mar

D. Shoko

E. Club Catwalk

F. La Champaneria

You Stylish descriptions of each place:

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment Id B410, Beach Pool Terrace, here is link to the apartment details and pictures:

Apartment B410


If you haven’t already heard of this club, being in Barcelona, you soon will. They have 5 separate rooms with distinct music choices. They also hold some of the best concerts in Barcelona. The big room is usually geared toward the punk/rock and roll crew but sometimes they play house music here. The other rooms are focused on techno but the loft in the attic plays hip-hop. One of the nice things about this club is that it isn’t pretentious. You pay some money to get in, but then you can spend the rest of the night wandering about in the 5 distinct rooms so it doesn’t get boring. If you are anything like me, I can’t stand to listen to the same type of music all night. I like a bit of a mix, a little hip hop, a bit of pop, some techno and then back to hip hop. One of the best things to do is to catch a concert and then stay in the club to party afterwards, but make sure to stock up on the drinks before you come. 10€ a mixed drink will leave you penniless once you are leaving the club and you are going to need some change if you are going to want to buy an earyl morning sandwuches or samosa from the guys standing outside the club doors.


I always have fun when I go to this club. MACARENA MAR landes in Barcelona as the only and authentic BEACH CLUB on the sand and front the sea. With Ibiza essence, Asian spirit, an irresistible gastronomic proposal and a music programming with international top artists. Music programming is done by those responsible for the Macarena club and has a programming class. Enjoy the best electronic music at the bottom of the sea. It is only open in summer!


Shoko is a place to see and be seen. The people are trendy and expect you to be too. Restaurant by day and dance club by night, Shoko is one of my favorite night stops in Barcelona. They have only one room but they play a mix of dance music and the decorations are fun and romantically dark. It is also a neighbor to Baja beach club and the other clubs that are along the sea.


Club Catwalk has two rooms: the bottom and bigger one devoted to house and techno music and the upstairs loft devoted to hip-hop. The place has a strange futuristic feel to it, as if you were embarking on some sort of dance club flight into space. Try to get here a bit later like 2 or 3 in the morning because that is when you know that there will be good crowd fired up. The last time I went there with my friend, we got there around midnight and we were the only ones brave enough to get on the dance floor. Everyone else wimped out and were lining the bar like they were too afraid to leave their group safety net. Lame, lame lame. By 2 or 3, the inhibitions are about loosened and people coming in from other bars start to get the party started.


The most popular champagne bar in Barcelona. Located in carrer de la reina cristina 7. Upon entering, you will soon see the hams hanging dozens in the front of the room ready to dry. In the back there is a tent, where you buy different types of sparkling wine, meat and fish. La Champagneria offers different type of cava, wich is the name given to the sparkling wine in Catalonia. The rule exists Champagneria food consumed per third glass of champagne. In case of ordering a bottle of cava, the rule is to consume 2 “entrepans” wich is the catalan word for sandwich. There is a big variety of sandwiches. The champagneria dosent have seats, so if you go to lunch, you can find some space, but if you want to go at night, keep in mind that the bar is full to overflowing. You better go early because they close al 22h! Something unusual in Spain.


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