15 Frequently Asked Questions about Big luxury plaza Catalunya B503

03-05-2012 |

This is a beautiful apartment in the very best location in Barcelona! Right across the street is the Corte Ingles, your front yard is the famous Plaza Catalunya and right around the corner to the right lies the chic and trendy Passeig de Gracia. The apartment itself is quite spacious and modern, perfect for those looking for convenience and style. Hands down, one of my personal favorite apartments. Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions pertaining to B503 RAMBLA CATALUNYA LUX to help you make your decision.

1. Where is the nearest grocery store? The Corte Ingles, which happens to have one of the biggest grocery stores in Barcelona, is right across the street from the apartment.

2. How far am I from Plaza Catalunya? Once you walk out of the front door, you are in Plaza Catalunya.

3. Where is the nearest bank in my area? You have many different types of banks in the Plaza and down Passeig de Gracia available all within walking distance.

4. What kind of public transportation can I take? Just outside of the apartment, across the street, is the nearest metro stop the Green line. The Barcelona busses all line up outside of the building as well and the Renfe train is located across the Plaza.

5. How far away am I from La Rambla? La Rambla is on the opposite side of the Plaza.

6. Do you reccomend any restuarants close by? The Asador de Aranda is a restaurant that offers a wide array of carne a la Brasa. It is on the corner of your street and Pau Claris. There is also a buffet sushi restaurant that I personally enjoy right next to the Asador.

7. Is this flat noisy? Since you are in the middle of the city it does get a bit noisy with all the traffic outside. The good part about the flat is that it has very soundproofed windows that keep almost all of the noise out. We have recieved a lot of positive feedback from the noise reduction of the windows.

8. Is this neighborhood safe? The neighborhood is safe if you are cautious about your belongings as there tend to be many pick pockets in this area. Insided of the flat is the safest place to leave valueables. Try not to take them onto the street with you. 9. What is the configuration of the beds? There is one master suite with a queen sized bed and then the guest bedrooms have two twin beds each.

10. Do I have Satelite channels? There are no satellite channels on the television but there is a way to put the programs in their original format. For example, if there is an English movie playing on the Spanish channel, you can put it in it’s V.O. (original version) and watch it in English.

11. Where is the nearest hair salon? The nearest hair salon (you have thousands in the zone) is Virgola Milano on the Carrer de Pau Claris, 77, right around the corner. Other hair salons in the neighborhood include Oliveras on Gran Via 605, and Llongueras on Plaza Catalunya 14.

12. Where is the nearest gym? There is a DIR gym on Carrer de Casp, 34 and if you are looking for something a bit more expensive but definitely more elegant, the Holmes Place Urquinaona‎ is right there on Carrer d’Ausiàs March, 9.

13. Where can I go jogging? Click here:3 Best Places to go Jogging in Barcelona

14. Where can my kids play in the park? If you are staying in this apartment there are two places that I recommend: 1) the Plaza Catalunya as it is a big circle where the kids can run around and chase pigeons, and 2) on the street Passeig de Sant Joan there are many green spaces and a cute little children’s park that is fenced off.

15. I heard that the stores all close on Sundays?! Where can we go if we need something last minute? Not to worry, right down the street you have a store that is called Opencor. They are the only official supermarket open on Sundays and late at night (I believe that they are open until 3:00 in the morning). Your nearest one is located on Ronda Sant Pere 33 and there you can find groceries.



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