BARCELONA RESTAURANTS AROUND The Stained Glass Deluxe Apartment B233

24-11-2011 |

“A man seldom thinks with more earnestness of anything than he does of his dinner.” – Samuel Johnson “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may diet.” Harry Kurnitz

Eating well is so important in Barcelona both to our staff and to the Spanish culture. Here are our picks that are within walking distance from your rental apartment.

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Hungry? Barcelona offers some of the best places to dine with class or dine on a budget, but one of the best parts of staying in this apartment is it’s proximity to some of the best places to eat in the city, all within walking distance. Here are some You Stylish suggestiond of places that we personally know to be good around your B117 apartment.

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Can Cargol

C. El Asador de Aranda

D. Casa Alfonso

E. Bembi F. La Tagliatella

Our description of the restaurants:

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment Id B233, The Most Luxury Apartment, here is link to the apartment details and pictures:


If you are looking for a typical Catalan restaurant, this is one of the best options near your apartment. This small, cozy restaurant, typical of Catalonia bears the name Can Cargol and their specialty are snails making an allusion to its name. They also specialize in grilled meats and seasonal produce such as calçots (thin onions), rovellones (type of mushroom), and Carxofes (artichoke). It is located on Calle Valencia 328 and you can find it very easily because it is in the middle of a flower market that attracts many people every day because it never closes, it is open 24 hours. <


This restaurant is a meat lover’s paradise! One of the unique things about this restaurant is their expertise in all things that have to do with lamb. Make sure to try the roast baby lamb that is cooked in a rustic wooden oven! Not only is the food amazing, but also the atmosphere has a very old world aristocratic tinge to it. You can’t help but feel sort of like a king eating in a round table in medieval times what with the heavy soups and rustic cooking style. And for the poor vegetarians out there in the family, no worries!


Everyone that I reccomend Casa Alfonso to our You Stylish guests, they come back delighted. Casa Alfonso is one of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona, not really touristy and a neighbor to your You Stylish rental apartment! This is where the real Spanish people eat when they want tapas so you know that the tapas are prepared and served with the right attitude and style. It is a really good place to take friends for tapas every now and then. There is something for everyone here en la Casa. It also helps that the waiters are actually nice and welcoming.


Romantic, exotic, cozy, and sexy come to mind when we think of Bembi. Perhaps because is alot of time the best scene for a first date with the love of your life, or perhaps because the Indian food make you fill like if you where somewhere else, in any case, Bembi is one of you-stylish favorite Indian restaurants. The best part is that it’s generally never full of people so you don’t have to wait in annoying lines. In most Indian restaurants, at least here in Barcelona, you can never be sure if what you are getting is quality or authentic Indian food. You can be sure that Bembi is classy, clean and authentic. You can even choose to make your food smoking spicy if you wish. Just let the waiter know. If you want a spicy evening with your loved one, you can eat at Bembi and then walk back to your deliciously close holiday accommodation…sounds like a perfect night.


Sometimes you just need pizza… or spaghetti… or something that you know that the kids actually WILL eat without any protestation. Well again, very close to your Barcelona apartment for rent, you have pizza, you have pasta and you have little Italy waiting at your doorstep. I particularly stick with the pizzas although the mushroom lasagna is really filling and tasty. And for the older folks, they even have Lambrusco. This restaurant is perfect if you want to eat well and not spend too much money.


Your choice in Barcelona

Rambla de Catalunya 77, Pral. 2ªB,

08007 Barcelona

+34 930 002 380

Buen Provecho! (boo-en Pro-vech-o)

Enjoy your meal!