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“Fortune and love befriend the bold..” -Ovid

Many non native Spanish people living in Barcelona come here either as tourists at first or as students. They love the city so much, that they stay. Why? Because Barcelona has so many things to offer. Amongst the culture, language, people, and cuisine, you also have a feast for the eyes with archetectural masterpeices, museums and many historical buildings that are still standing and being used to this day. Amongst these many places to see in Barcelona, we here at You Stylish Barcelona apartments have put together a list of our favorite places and how to get to them from your You Stylish apartment. All you need now is just to step out of the door.

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A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Arc de Triomf

C. Parc de la Ciutadella

D. Museo de Chocolate

E. Mercat de Santa Caterina

F. Catedral Basílica de Barcelona


Our description of the sights:

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The Arc, designed by Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas, although similar to the Arc in Paris, is quite different in the sense that it is smaller and more ornately decorated with cheerful red bricks and the women of fortune sculptured on it’s corners. This arc was built to welcome one and all to Barcelona leading into the Parc de la Ciutadella for the 1888 Universal Exposition. Today, it still leads the way through a gorgeous walkway full of palm trees and families eating snacks with their little ones and dogs running around in the grass. The Arc de Triomf is a great place to take pictures and relax in the Barcelona sun for a little while before entering into the main Parc. Some little tidbits about the walk is that walking down the right hand side of the Arc going toward the Parc de la Ciutadella, you can find a handful of cafeterias to have a cup of coffee and also there is a little pastry shop halfway down the walkway where you can buy pastries at a really great price. It could be just what you need to energize you for your walk into the Parc.


Things tend to move slower here in Barcelona. People try to take the time to enjoy life. That is probably why they fill the city with various parks and green attractions and why people tend to be on the street socializing either drinking coffees or simply walking around. The Parc de la Ciutadella, is one of the most complete parks in Barcelona for all of these activities. It has a huge fountain, a zoo, a pond to paddle boat in, a gazebo in the center, two parks for the little ones and also grass, nice rich green grass to lay about on, to eat a sanwich on, or to stroll through. Basically it is a place to stroll and to not think about anything stressful except for what you are going to eat next. One the weekends this place becomes very popular with sunbathers, people having picnics, playing sports, walking their dogs, running or doing what they want to do with no concrete time frame ahead.


CHOCOLATE…the word itself makes my mouth water. This savory sin is dedicated it’s very own museum here in Barcelona where you can learn just where and how chocolate is made and a bit about the history of chocolate. In the museum, you walk through various displays that explain how the cacao bean was found, how it was first used, and what it means to us today. Not only is the museum historical, but it is also really cool to see the artistry of the chocolate sculptures that they have in “modern day chocolate.” But the best part comes at the end of your chocolate tour, where they have a small little cafeteria where you may buy and try some different types of chocolate that you have just learned about on the tour. Its a nice place to visit for those of you who have already seen the usual Barcelona attractions and are hankering for something different and the café is free of course. In the same building they also have two other venues for expositions in the city so keep your eye out for that. The expositions are usually free!


As I get older, the quality of my food becomes more important to me. I’ve found that a frozen fruit doesn’t come close to the taste of a fresh one recently picked from the farm. A very charming and healthy characteristic of Barcelona are its open air markets where people set up small stands full of either hand made treats, fresh fish, breads, fruits, veggies and meats. Every day the produce changes and every day you are able to hand pick everything that you want to eat for that day. There is nothing quite like biting into a fresh apple or a mandarine orange. It really has no price. Santa Caterina is a big market that tends to not have as much attention as the famous Boquería in the ramblas but it holds its own in quality and style. The building itself with its undulating and colorful roof welcomes you to come take a look inside and please, don’t miss the opportunity of eating in the restaurant located right inside!


Dating back to the 13th century with continuous structural changes up until the 15th century, this beautiful cathedral stands tall and proud located right across the street from the market Santa Caterina. Outside the cathedral is a sight to see with its high spiky towers and its classic gothic decorations. People pass by the Cathedral sometimes stopping in the huge courtyard to take pictures or have a drink in the bar/restaurants that line the plaza. This cathedral, in addition to being the official “seat to the Archbishop of Barcelona,” is said to be the resting place of the child martyr Saint Eulalia who is entombed inside the cathedral. There are many stories about this Saint but all stories agree that she was tortured and killed by the Romans in trying to defend her religion. Try and see if you can spot the 13 geese that the cathedral keeps in the saint’s honor. The 13 geese are said to represent the 13 years that Saint Eulalia had when she died. Another thing to remember is that no one is allowed inside the Cathedral with their bare shoulders showing. It is a sign of disrespect. Various people generally stand outside the Cathedral selling scarves to cover the shoulders of people who aren’t savy of the regulations, but if you come with a t-shirt that covers your shoulders, you don’t need to buy a scarf. Plus you’ll be extra cool for knowing about the Cathedral before going.

The Modern art museum in Barcelona certainly isn’t for everyone. Modern art in general isn’t for everyone but if modern contemporary art is your thing, then this all white museum is your place. Even if you aren’t an art buff, the front of the MACBA tends to be a real hotspot for skaters and skateboarders everywhere. I have often times seen people coming all the way from America just to skate in the giant skate park that has become the front of the MACBA building.


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