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“The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.” – Mark Twain

 Consider yourself a privileged person to be located in one of the best known streets for shopping in Barcelona. Carrer de Pelai has over 15 shops likely to find something spectacular for you and for all who you want to bring gifts. There is a little something for everyone in Barcelona. Here are the places where we here at You Stylish Barcelona Apartments shop.

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A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Zara

C. Bershka

D. Stradivarius

E. El Triangle

F. Blanco

G. H&M

Description of the Shopping areas:


Your apartment B232, Central Design Apartment Apartment B232


Zara is one of the fastest growing commercial clothing brands coming from Barcelona. Zara is in tune with its customers, who help it give shape to the ideas, trends and tastes developing in the world. This is the secret to its success among a wide range of people, cultures and generations, who, despite their differences, all share a special fondness for fashion. “Inditex”.


This clothing brand opened its doors in 1998 with the idea of ​​covering a segment of the Zara fashion chain not yet fully covered. Thus the group Inditex launches the Bershka to approach the younger audience that also calls for current fashions, modern and fun with prices that fit the pocket, where the clothes change very quickly in order to introduce many changes in the style of the younger ones with the most affordable prices. Young people prefer this brand for its great variety of teen clothing. In the catalog we can find fashion accessories such as pants, dresses, shirts, coats and clothing for men and women.

D. Stradivarius

Hello shoes!!! Pelai is all about shoes. This small street can have you walking back and forth zigzagging all the way from the University to the Rambla for hours. My mother, who hates walking, literally spent a good 4 hours on this street walking back and forth when she came to visit. Of the many shoe stores, I must say that most of my shoes are from a little shop called Camper. This brand of shoe is from Spain and they have a style uniquely their own in addition to being amazingly comfortable.


In this big building you can find Sephora which is a must for make-up necessities, Habitat, a sunglasses store, a place to buy Hello Kitty things, a café/ice cream shop and most importantly, el FNAC. Here you can buy anything electronic. You can also buy music, books, accessories, magazines and they even have concerts right in the store. If you are lucky, you can get your shopping done and then catch a free concert. Make sure to check for schedule info.


“Blanco is a Spanish company specialized in the design, production, distribution and sale of all types of accessories and clothing for the modern woman and man, a demanding public that looks for constant novelties and for whom day by day we try to be the best. Through a complete and organized infrastructure, the teams work in perfect coordination and total flexibility to meet the needs of their clients and to be able to offer, collection after collection, an unbeatable product in both design and price, in an attractive way and always in the shortest possible time”. -Blanco-

G. H&M

This is one of my favorite stores. I like it because it offers an incredible wide range of collections. H&M is a shop where you can find anything, from basic apparel for your day to day, elegant dresses for a party to makeup, underwear, socks, and accessories to fill your life and enrich your look in a unique way. Is a good place to buy and where the comparison quality – price is really good.


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