Casa Rafols Experience Thanks To YouStylish Concierge!

Review of The Golden Neighborhood B347

21-11-2018 |

Thanks again to the concierge Nina for her help! Casa Rafols was fantastic. We enjoy it here in Barcelona :-). Our family left over the fireplace two very basic and tourist umbrellas that we bought in an emergency but could bail out the next guests.

We have felt very comfortable in the apartment and with the services of youstylish, thank you very much for everything.

Casa Rafols Experience Thanks To YouStylish Concierge!

Our client Camila Urhammer visited us from Denmark with her family. They were a group of 6, 3 adults and 3 children. Since the beginning they contacted our concierge service Nina for all the arrival details and because they needed a recommendation of a good restaurant. She wanted to land, do the check in and go to the restaurant immediately, this way her arrival with her family, but mostly with the keys would run smoothly.

Our concierge recommended a good restaurant, perfectly located close to the apartment where Camila and her family were staying. This was Casa Rafols, located in Ronda Sant Pere 74, 3 min walk away from the apartment.


This restaurant is managed by The Rafolds family that also produces the trusted products they sell on the menu, such as the Ràfols Bacallaneria. At Casa Rafols everything is fresh and   smoked and marinated fish, salmon, sea bass, sardines and anchovies. In addition, the foie gras and all their desserts are prepared in-house by their chef. They also offer their own range of preserves, oils also wines created with the collaboration of local producers.


Get to enjoy our concierge4you service as our client Camila and her family which with the best recommendations of Nina. They got to enjoy such an amazing restaurant and live a great experience in Barcelona.