We loved staying at this apartment. Great location!

Review of Casa Conill Montobbio B366

10-09-2019 |

We loved staying at this apartment. Great location! Secure and safe building. The concierge service was great to work with.



Thank you, Tara, for staying in one of our greatest apartment in the main heart of Barcelona. For the Youstylish team, was a pleasure to host you during your stay and we are very happy that you really enjoyed the help of our unique concierge service. 


Tara visited us from the United States with her family. They were 3 adults and 2 children staying in a luxury four-bedroom flat with a view of the Barcelona landmark, La Casa Batlló, located in Paseo de Gracia, one of the most emblematic streets of Barcelona. 

We loved staying at this apartment. Great location!

Before arriving they decided to use our concierge service to have everything prepared upon arrival and during their days in the city. They chose to have organized the transfer from the airport to the apartment upon arrival and another one for their way back. This way it was really easy for them to arrive in Barcelona. Their driver was waiting for them at the exit gate, just after the glass door, outside of the luggage collection area, with a sign with their name on it. After the driver called the check-in agent directly so when they arrived at the apartment building, the check-in agent was waiting for them!


Added to the previously organized transfer,

Our concierge service also helped them with a fridge stocking option

The Fridge stocking option is a service we offer to our clients that want to arrive at their vacation apartment and find their fridge full of food without having to go to the supermarket because we do it for them. The price is the cost of the items, plus the service. We bring all the products to your apartment before arrival, and our clients do not have to worry about anything. We send them an attached example list of what they can order, and they let us know which items they want or they can also add more products that maybe are not on the list. The good thing is that we do not only bring food, but if our guest wants we can also accept special requests like a special wine, or jam, we can also find any product and add it to the list.


Our concierge service also help them to buy no line tickets to the famous Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, two of the most beautiful gems of the city that represent Gaudi’s architecture. This option for them was great since they had kids and they didn’t have to worry about arriving before hand or doing any kind of waiting line to go in the sight.


Tara and her family had an amazing time in Barcelona, and a perfect planned trip organized through our concierge 4 you service, specially design for our guests!


We hope Tara and her family come back and visit us soon. 


Take a look the apartment where Tara and her family stayed: Casa Conill Montobbio B366