We‘ve got very good experiences in your apartment

Review of Classic Style Pool Flat B230

18-09-2019 |

“We‘ve got very good living experiences in your apartment. Thank you very much! We are very glad to introduce your apartments to other travellers.”

Xueyan Jiang

Thank you Xueyan for your kind words. This family of 3 came to visit Barcelona, all the way from China and chose to stay for 6 nights in one of our apartments located in the beach area, perfect for the Barcelona summer season.

We‘ve got very good experiences in your apartment

During their vacation in the middle of August, when the temperatures rise and the heat is stronger, being close to the beach was an amazing privilege. Xuenyan and his family had plenty of things to do on the beach besides swimming. They enjoyed watching people doing windsurfing and kite surfing as a popular and common sport. They also enjoyed a different kind of refreshing drinks in the chiringuitos located at the beach. Being lying down and resting under the sun, soaking up the warmth of the Spanish sun, was their favourite plan.

We hope that Xueyan and his family come and visit us soon.

The apartment they chose also had a swimming pool which made this trip even better, they were able to relax and have fun during their Barcelona visit. This was two bedrooms and one bathroom apartment. It was a great apartment for a small family like them, that wanted to be close to the beach and had all the extra perks with not such a high budget.

We are really glad they got to enjoy the ride along the beautiful Barcelona beachfront, and taste some authentic Spanish food in the restaurants close by their apartment.


Take a look where Xueyan and his family stayed:

Classic Style Pool Flat B230

Classic Style Pool Flat B230