What Are The Famous Calcots and How To Eat Them


If you are planning to visit Barcelona or Catalonia in the winter season, you will hear from the locals the recommendation of trying the famous “Calcots”, a delicious meal that all locals tell you that you can not miss. But what are the calcots? How do you eat the calcots? Here we tell you what they are.

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What Are The Famous Calcots and How To Eat Them

The Calçot is a white onion that is cultivated in a very special way so that it is elongated, and that turns out to be one of the typical dishes par excellence of the Catalan gastronomy. It is typical of some areas of Tarragona, although it is currently cultivated in practically all of Catalonia, and even in other provinces of Spain and abroad.


The calçots are consumed from November to mid-April

They are usually served at a party called “Calçotada”. The calçots are roasted with the live flame of vine shoots, and when they are well done they are wrapped in the newspaper until they are consumed. At the moment of serving them, they are presented on a tile next to a sauce boat that contains the Salvichada, the sauce of calçots, which is also popularly called romesco sauce. The calçotada also includes grilled meat: the typical Catalan longaniza and lamb ribs.

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Once the calcots are well roasted in a live flame on grills, people will proceed to serve them and peel them. This is done with slight pressure at the tip, and stretching at the same time from the central leaves. So the calçot comes out completely and completely clean. Once peeled, they are spread in the calçots sauce. You will need to rise them carefully to put it in your mouth. It is usual to be smeared with the sauce at this time, that is why you cannot forget to put on a bib for calçotada.


From this moment on, it is only necessary to repeat the process and eat many Calcots. Accompany them with some good meat and a glass of tasty wine. I hope you enjoy the season and eat good calcots! Bon profit!