Where To Assist To Catholic Mass On Sundays While On Barcelona!


Barcelona is a multicultural city, accustomed to receiving all kinds of cultures and with them their thoughts and religions. On several occasions we have met clients who want to take time to attend catholic mass on Sunday even if they are on their vacation, so they don’t lose their most precious family tradition.


For this reason, on this occasion we will tell you about some churches in Barcelona where you can attend a Catholic Mass, their locations in the main sectors of the city and its schedules.


Gracia area:

Parròquia de Santa Teresa de l’Infant Jesús:



You can go directly in the Gracia area to the Parròquia de Santa Teresa de l’Infant Jesús, located in Via Augusta 68, a historicist church in Barcelona included in the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. Masses are in Catalan and Spanish, it also has Masses for the deaf. Sundays:  11h-Spanish, 12h and 20h – Catalan. Saturdays: 10h-Spanish, 18.30h-Spanish & sign language for the deaf. 20h-Catalan. Weekdays (Monday to Friday): 7:30h-Spanish (July and August are removed), 10h-Catalan (July and August in Spanish), 20h-Catalan.


Eixample area:

Santuario del perpetuo Socorro:



Located in Carrer Balmes, 100. This Sanctuary is a Renaissance style construction with baroque ornamentation. It has different Mass schedules for winter and summer. Winter: (16/sep – 30/jun). Labor days 12:00, 19:00. Vispera 19:00. Festive 09:30am. Ukrainian 12:00, 19:00. Spanish 21:00.

Summer: (1/jul – 15/sep). Labor days 12:00, 19:00. Víspera 19:00. Festive 12:00, 21:00.

Sagrada Familia Mass:

Always look at the calendar in the web to double check the schedule.

The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família is a large unfinished Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. There is mass inside La Sagrada Familia on Sundays. The Basilica of the Sagrada Família is a place of worship. On the general tour, there is a space set aside for prayer and reflection in the Chapel of the Eucharist, in the ambulatory. Over the course of the year, international and special masses are held at the Basilica and open to the public.

Sagrada Familia

INTERNATIONAL MASS (Every Sunday and holy days of obligation)

The Archdiocese of Barcelona holds an international mass at the Basilica of the Sagrada Família every Sunday and on holy days of obligation.


The mass is held at 9:00 am in several languages. There is no charge for attending mass but capacity is limited. The entrance to the Basilica is on the Nativity façade, Carrer de la Marina, from 8:30 am to 9:00 am.


Visitors are asked to dress appropriately and behave respectfully. Please note that the space is limited and no invitation is required.


Borne area:

Basilica de Santa Maria Del Mar:



Santa Maria del Mar is an imposing church in the Ribera district of Barcelona, built between 1329 and 1383. It is an outstanding example of Catalan Gothic. Is located in Plaça de Santa Maria, Masses: Everyday at 7:30pm. Sundays and holidays: 7:30pm – Mass early Saturday, 12:00am – International Mass. 7:30pm Misa Vespertine (Spanish).

Gothic area (city centre):

Barcelona Cathedral:



You can go to the Barcelona Cathedral located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. This beautiful cathedral was constructed from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries, with the principal work done in the fourteenth century.The schedule for masses are:

WEEKDAYS (in the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament – Holy Christ of Lepanto): 09.00, 10.00, 11:00 – Catalan, 12.00 – Spanish, 19.00 – Catalan.

SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS (at the High Altar): 09.00 – Catalan, 10.30 – Conventual in Catalan with the Francesc Valls Chamber Choir, 12.00 – Spanish, 13.00 – Catalan, 18.00 – Spanish, 19.00 – Catalan.

SATURDAYS AND EVES OF HOLIDAYS: Chapel of the Holy Sacrament – Holy Christ of Lepanto. 09.00, 10.00, 11.00 – Catalan, 12.00 – Spanish.

High Altar: 18.00 – Spanish, 19.00 – Catalan.

Parroquia de Santa Ana:



This is a Romanesque church declared Well of Cultural Interest in 1881. The parish of Santa Anna in Barcelona, is the first church that opened its doors in Barcelona so that homeless people could sleep in it, it became a field hospital 24 hours a day. Is located in Carrer de Santa Anna, 29. Masses are held all year long from the 1/ene to 31/dic. Labor days from Monday to Friday – 12:00. Vísperas: 19:00 – Italian Mass, 20:00 –  bilingual. Festives – 12:00, 13:00. For the Latino community on the 4th Sunday of the month: Spanish – 19:30.

We hope you get to enjoy Catholic mass in any of this beautiful churches.