Activities For You In This 2019 Holy Week In Barcelona


Holy week starts on April 14th and it doesn’t end until the 20th of the same month. We have 8 days of activities and traditions to celebrate this religious week if you are coming to Barcelona for the next few days, we bring you options for you to enjoy our beautiful city to the fullest.

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Activities For You In This 2019 Holy Week In Barcelona


The first parade for this Easter Holidays in Barcelona is best known as “El Paso de la Borriquita” and it takes place on Palm Sunday at Ciutat Vella, all of this commemorates the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem on top of a donkey.

“Las Monas” A Catalonian Tradition

In Barcelona is tradition to gift “Las Monas”. It’s not your regular easter eggs or chocolates. Instead, Barcelonian people give away little cakes with figures and chocolate eggs on top as decoration. Usually is Godfathers and Godmothers who gift this to their goddaughter or godson.

They come in many shape and sizes. They can be chocolate cakes or marzipan with famous characters on top. We do agree most of them are incredibly delicious!

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On Holy Friday we ditch the meat

Yes, just as pretty much anywhere where they celebrate this religious festivity, we also ditch the red meats. We usually eat some delicious combinations of codfish with chickpeas. Cod with some potatoes or just Salty Cod is a must if you are visiting Barcelona for holy week.

Usually coffee shops and chocolatiers in Barcelona create some of the most delicious desserts for this special time of the year. On Monday, the official day of Easter is a great day for you to go out and try some of these amazing desserts. All shapes and sizes but usually they are very traditional in Spain. Such as: Buñuelos, torrijas, pestiños and the classic roscas de pascua.