Las Festas de La Merce 2019 All You Need To Know


The festivities of La Mercé in Barcelona last around 5 days. It’s a gigantic festival in honour of Mare de Deu de la Mercé, who is recognized as Barcelona’s Patron.

This year’s dates for La Merce are from September 20th to 24th

Barcelona city has been celebrating La Merce Festas since the 19th century. The Pope officially recognised her as the city’s patron saint!

September 24th is a festive day for all of us in Barcelona. Schools, shops and most businesses are closed, but if you step into a Badalona or Sabadell neighbourhood, you’ll find everything open since it’s only festive in Barcelona City!

within walking distance of the best sightseeing points in the city!

Within walking distance of the best sightseeing places in Barcelona!

Located on Valencia Street between the emblematic Passeig de Gracia Avenue and the shopping hub, Rambla de Catalunya. This apartment is perfect for the holidays especially if you want to be centrally located in the city

What thigs are typical in La Merce?

  • The Sardanes is the national Catalonian dance, as you see in the picture, people get together and form a circle and dance to the beat of the folk music.
  • The giants parade: as the name states, giant paper-maché figures walking through the city during the main procession of the holiday
  • The closing firework show is a must! It’s one of the biggest events of the year and it’s something you and your family will definitely enjoy.
  • you’ll be able to watch el correfoc! One of the most popular events were more than 70.000 people witness a group of more than 40 people dancing dressed as devils playing with fire