Our Top 5 Low Season Apartment Offers in Barcelona


After spending the holidays of Christmas, New Year and kings, the city is reassured. High season is fun in Barcelona but the low season is even better. Although Barcelona is a city that never stops, it is certain that for this time you can get different options for tourist apartments. All with tempting rental offers due to the low season.

Barcelona is one of the best cities where you can spend a few days during the winter season. The average temperature is between 10 to 13 degrees with the most incredible sunny days. You can be a little cold and find a terrace to spend time warming up in the sun. Perfectly accompanied by vermouth or a glass of wine.

You can also enjoy the beach! the water will be quite cold and very sure you will not be able to enter it, but as it is sunny, you can always take a towel with you and sit on the sand to enjoy the tranquility of the sea. You can walk around the edge of the beach where there is a lot of atmosphere throughout the year.

Apartments we recommend for low season

These are some of the apartments we recommend for low season, that offer you discount among many others.


Joan Miró Terrace 3 Bedroom Apartment B376:


This beautiful 3 bedroom Joan Miró Terrace apartment offers three double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an amazing big terrace and plenty of style!

Sant Pau 3 Bedroom Apartment B377

This city centre apartment is very well located between the modernist enclosure of the Hospital Sant Pau – 5 min walk, and the Majestic Sagrada Familia – 7 min walk.

Luxury Apartment In The Heart Of Barcelona B375

This apartment is in a beautiful modernist building called Sant Pere, an ‘Edificio Senorial’, and has a fabulous entrance. The apartment is overlooking a central courtyard area ‘Manzana’, with other interesting modernist architecture and terraces.

We hope you come to Barcelona and stay with us in our YouStylish Barcelona Apartments, even in low season you can enjoy our beautiful city!