Everything You Need To Know About Primavera Sound Festival 2019!


Primavera Sound is one of the most famous music festivals in Barcelona. Taking place from the 30 of may to the 01 of June 2019. It has a growing reputation for offering one of the most innovative and advanced alignments in Europe. Its focus is more on bands and less on electronic music. It has filled a niche in the city and never fails to offer a fun-filled weekend of original music in a dynamic environment.

Everything You Need To Know About Primavera Sound Festival 2019!

The tickets for the festival are available by phone or online. Primavera Sound sells the tickets through several points of sale. It is worth noting that most aspects of sale add a reservation fee to the price of tickets and these vary depending on what points of purchase you will get your tickets. For more information, we recommend you go to the official Primavera sound festival’s page.


This is a festival for real music fans located in an outdoor area called Forum. You stylish Barcelona Apartments we offer you several accommodation options, whether you decide you would like to be closer to the city centre, or in the beach area closer to the event. We have a wide range of options available for you! So, If you come with a larger group, an apartment can be one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to stay in Barcelona. Our You stylish Barcelona apartments are of a high standard.

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When getting to the festival, it is vital to know that there is a regular bus service. It go from the centre of Barcelona to the Forum. However, it is worth noting the hours of operation of this bus service. Therefore, this is the best bus to take if you are heading to the festival to see some of the bands that are playing during the day. The bus travels from the University Zone to the city. It is available every 6-12 minutes during its operating hours. You can also take the regular public transport: Metro, Tram, Bus, or Taxi.


The perfect location in Barcelona City Center:

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It is worth noting that while the festival continues, other events will take place in clubs and bars throughout Barcelona. Some of them will be official events organised by the festival itself, but some others will also be events at club nights, and small concerts that will also be held unofficially in celebration of Primavera sound weekend.


When you get to the city be aware of the posters and brochures that announce events that you might like, so you don’t miss any! If you’ve never come to Primavera Sound before, it’s definitely worth giving yourself the opportunity.