Take Your Coats Off, It’s Finally Spring in Barcelona


The good weather is finally arriving with Spring to Barcelona and with it all the good plans that the city offers to everyone. The days are getting longer, the temperature is getting more pleasant and the laziness of staying at home is starting to disappear.


Spring is the perfect season to do bike routes, beaches, terraces, vermouth, flowers, sun. Take advantage of the good weather and do not stay at home!

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There are many activities you can do during Spring time to enjoy the outdoor season to the fullest. Whether you prefer to play sports or if you are more than a terrace and vermouth, in the city, there are options for all tastes and budgets. Take advantage of the joy that spring brings and go out into the street!


One of the best apartment to stay this spring while visiting Barcelona:

if you want to be close to the beach. This is your perfect choice


Spring Arrives in Barcelona, check out some ideas:


  • Outdoor sports in Barcelona! Skate, run, dunk, scale, do yoga, take care of yourself. Choose some places to go with family, tour the city by bicycle, or discover, walking, the works of art of Barcelona streets or beautiful buildings by the sea.


  • Go out for vermouth! meet friends at noon to share appetizers and company accompanied by the best tapas: bravas, anchovies, croquettes, salad, among other tasty food.

  • Take a healthy pleasure! go out for a juice, smoothie and be loaded with vitamins. Hot drinks and hearty dishes give way to other freshener and lighter foods. It is time to eat the first ice cream of the year!


  • Get closer to the beach! The most daring have already bathed. On the beaches of Barcelona, you can sidewalk, relax in the sun, soak up or have a drink. But not only here, but we are also lucky to have spectacular beaches very close and worth a visit.
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  • Take advantage of the terraces! Prepare the sunglasses and do not miss any of the terraces Barcelona has to offer while you enjoy the sun of the city.


  • Go out for a picnic! fill the wicker basket with sandwiches, appetizers and a small bottle of wine. Prepare yourself to visit all the parks Barcelona has to offer and enjoy them a fresh spring meal.


Take advantage of the spring season and enjoy it, go out and do not miss a day of sunshine. In short: spring is here. Welcome, be it!