The Biggest International Gay Festival in Barcelona Circuit Festival!


During the summer, all types of events are held in Barcelona for all types of public, so the city couldn’t miss the biggest one specially designed for the gay community. The circuit Festival is the biggest international gay festival in the world and if you are planning to come and visit Barcelona around these days, you can not miss it! 


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From the 9 to the 19th of August 2019 Barcelona will be holding a gay festival just made for the lovers of the party and the sun, the sea and good humour.

The Biggest International Gay Festival in Barcelona Circuit Festival!

We can say that the Circuit Festival is a recent festival that was held for the first time in late 2000 to compensate for the lack of similar offers aimed at a gay audience.


It is an international festival that brings together people from all over the world. Barcelona as the European gay capital, that combines cultural heritage, quality cuisine, beach, large range of shops and a very pleasant climate, meets all the perfect standards this festival needs.


Because of its success, the event has become the most important gay and lesbian festival in Europe, bringing together over 70,000 participants each year. 


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