We Invite You To The Poble Sec Festivities! Find Out More:


As you already know, Barcelona has many many holidays all year long, but it comes to the summer season, we have the best ones. Popular parties are all year round.

You already read about Saint Joan which happens the last week of June. Now it’s time to talk about one of our most popular local festivity: Poble Sec popular party!

We Invite You To The Poble Sec Festivities! Find Out More:

What is Poble Sec?

El Poble Sec is a popular neighborhood in Barcelona located between Plaza España and Parallel Avenue. From July 13th to 22nd they offer several activities for all ages like correfocs, sardanas, food trucks, theater, and even workshops that anyone in the family can enjoy!

If you want to find out exactly the itinerary, go into la Generalitat website and you can see exact time and places and enjoy a great week in the family!

Since the early 90s, these Poble Sec local parties are being hosted!

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You will be able to enjoy the party and come back home in no time!

Go live the Catalan party like a local!

As every Catalan local party, they will have castellers, giant parades and sardanas. Plus all the other traditions we usually have.

Don’t forget that the party takes place in Barcelona city center, so this party is usually very multicultural! Usually, there are not only Catalan traditions but from people all over the country since Barcelona is a cosmopolitan area.

If you want to enjoy some good music, popular food and lots of children activities:

There are also lots of museums located in this sector which even offer FREE tour guides for all audience. We have a few you might want to check out.

  • El Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña
  • la Fundación Joan Miró
  • el Muhba Refugi 307