Youstylish Biosphere Certificate Process 2019


In Youstylish Barcelona apartments we are happy to share our participation Biosphere certificate process which we have been accepted in the past days thanks to our everyday effort on providing environmentally, economically and socially sustainable services in our touristic accommodations and services. We are proud to be part of a community that works to improve the touristic sector.

Youstylish Apartments is taking responsibility for how our actions in our tourism company affects the environment and the community that lives around us. We are helping to achieve sustainable tourism in Barcelona, to improve and determine ourselves as a social and solidarity company, taking into account that tourism is one of the most important activities in the city,  both for the contribution it represents to the economy and for the impact it generates in the urban dynamics.

“Barcelona has grown as an international tourist destination since the 1992 Olympic Games, with tourism being a key factor in the successive transformations of the city. In recent years, tourism activity has multiplied its presence in the city, which has motivated a citizen debate on the sustainability of tourism development. In recent years the city has deployed measures to integrate urban tourism management, incorporate voice of the community in the deliberation on tourism, firmly fight against illegal practices in areas such as holiday rentals, support economic activity linked to responsible tourism, and improve management in spaces with greater tourist pressure, among other aspects.” @Biosphereturism

Barcelona was the first urban destination to obtain the Biosphere certification for its commitment to sustainability in the tourism sector, and with the help of Biosphere Tourism and the Barcelona City Council, which provides us with some of the tools, YouStylish Apartments is now part of the process of making our services sustainable.

We hope to continue working hard for our environmental responsibilities and continue helping achieve a sustainable tourism in Barcelona.

Come and visit us in Barcelona. Stay with us, in our Youstylish Apartments!