Barcelona Circuit Moto GP Cataluña Prize 2019 Quick List


Did you know Barcelona is one of the cities which has more motorcycle users? This gives you a small hint on why the Moto GP circuit is so popular here!

The worldwide renowned event takes places on June 14th, 2019 to June 16th, 2019. It’s time to get ready! You can buy tickets online, which we recommend, this way you can choose the seats available upfront.

Our apartment recommendation for the Moto GP 2019

This is a super centric apartment, so it’s the perfect location to get to the train station before the Cataluña circuit!

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If you are looking for a trendy apartment that is right in the heart of the city centre where shopping, sightseeing, and the Barcelona city life are combined, this stylish two bedroom apartment will help you do all and see all.

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Moto GP Cataluña Prize 2019 Quick guide

The Cataluña Circuit is located 20km to the north-east of the city in a small town called Montmeló. You can get to the location fairly easy in public transport. If you want to travel by train, RENFE which is the train company in Barcelona has various options, check them out and choose the one that fits best for you. It takes about 30 minutes to get from Barcelona Sants station to Montmeló Station.

Once you are there, you may need to catch a bus to the place where the race takes place. You can walk but it’s about 30-minute walking distance. Keep in mind that the place fills up with visitors for the big event, so once you are there, it may be a little crowded!

Don’t forget the basics

Do not forget to bring your basics like sunscreen, sunglasses or hats. Remember it’s an all-day event and better safe than sorry!

We recommend to bring yourself some earplugs since it gets very loud.

To munch around, you’ll have over 80 places to buy beer, pizza or a quick snack located right next to you, so it’s fairly easy to enjoy yourself while there!

Here’s the exact location, in case you’d like to search the exact route from your location to the circuit:

Circuit de Catalunya
Mas “La Moreneta”
PD 27
Montmeló, 08160
Barcelona, España