Summer Time! Check Out The Best Beaches In and Around Barcelona


Barcelona is a beach city beyond everything else. If you are planning to visit our beautiful city soon, you’ll probably want the best info you can get either for sunbathing, swimming or just strolling on the beach with your friends.
This city is greatly connected by public transport, so it’s fairly easy to get to beaches who are not in the city but really really close. You can either take the metro or de Rodalies railway!
All of these beaches are accessible in public transport and just minutes walking from the station until the warm sand.

Ocata Beach

Just after Montgat Nord and the Port Masnou marina, you’ll find Ocata. This beach is very similar to Mongat, very very long so you’ll never find it crowded. It’s very very wide so you’ll always find a spot to rest and sunbathe.

There are a lot of beach bars along the beach so it’s easy to find a good place to eat and take some nice cold drinks.


El Garraf

Just half an hour by train from Barcelona and a little closer than Sitges, you’ll find this beautiful bay.

This is a small beach but still very beautiful, not crowded at all and just one beach bar all along with the place.

This place is ideal for swimming and it doesn’t have strong currents.

You can get here by taking the R2 line!

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Platja del Bogatell

This is the only beach we mention located in Barcelona City! The beach a little further away from the city center and it’s not as popular as La Barceloneta therefor is cleaner a lot less crowded. It has several beach bars and even beach volley nets set up, anyone can use them, just don’t forget to bring your ball!


One of the most popular beaches south of the city, Castelldefels is a lively resort town with plenty of facilities. Bypass the Castelldefels town station and get out at Castelldefels-Platja and you’ll find almost five kilometers of sandy playgrounds. The beach has itself has many facilities too. In springtime, around April and May, the Castelldefels is popular for a range of water sports, from sailing and windsurfing to kitesurfing.