Things To Do In Barcelona This Weekend + The Best Apartments


Summer is almost over for some of us, but Barcelona city doesn’t stop celebrating just yet! If you are coming to Barcelona this weekend but find yourself without much to do, we made a list of a few events that might catch your attention! From food truck festivals to skate parties right in the middle of beautiful Barcelona!

 YouStylish List of Things To Do In Barcelona This Weekend

1. Born Street Food Mercè

From the 14th to the 16th of September will turn Pla de Palau into a foodie’s dream, the various chef will gather to bring their cuisine flavor to the people. Cooking demonstrations and food prepared right there for you to see, all accompanied by live music for you to enjoy.

This time a special edition: La Mercè!

YouStylish Apartment B127

Gothic Quarter Port Harbor Apartment is a beautiful and stylish one bedroom apartment for long-term stays! Located in the Barcelona Gothic quarter where you can live in history but with the comforts of a modern and stylish apartment.

Gothic Quarter Port Harbor Apartment

2. Skate Love Barcelona

From September 14th to sept 15th Poble Espanyol will get the party going with three masterclasses to celebrate along with some roller skating, dancing and full of music. Plus there will be some internationally acclaimed roller skaters to give you a show on how to get the groove going.

This will be their third edition.

3. Open Workshops in Poblenou

Until September 16th ‘Tallers Oberts’  will be happening in Poblenou. Tallers Oberts translates to Open Workshops, which is when workshops in the neighborhood open their doors to the public, so you’ll be able to see diverse authors in the middle of creations with more than 100 artists.  This weekend we will also have the Poblenou Festa Major street party so you’ll have a lot to choose from!

YouStylish Apartment B502

Sea View Terrace Apartment

This apartment is romantic, very spacious, modern, comfortable, sunny, fabulous and chic. B502 is our largest sea view terrace apartment in Barcelona by the sea. With five bedrooms and three bathrooms, you and your family or group of friends will have plenty of space to stretch out your legs and relax this holiday