La Mercè, experience Barcelona’s historic festival


Late September, every year, Barcelona’s festival for the Patron Saint of the city, “La Mercè”, is hosted. Mercè 2018 is packed with amazing activities for all ages including many popular traditions from Catalan culture. In less than a week Barcelona brings together a huge programme of events: street arts, street processions, concerts, traditional dances… Some of the most traditional celebrations are the street processions of the Giants and “Capgrossos”, the Human Towers (“Castellers”) and the Fire Runs (“Correfocs”). This year the festival held from the 21st till the 24th of September. Come and experience the authenticity of this historic festival, full of traditions and unique celebrations.

See the amazing human towers called the “Castellers” which are hosted in emblematic squares of Barcelona like Pl. St Jaume where the Government is located. If you are strong and willing to help you can support the base of the human tower. Accompanied by the traditional music of “Toc de Castells” the goal is to mount and dismount complex human towers of many different formats.








Experience the “Correfocs”, a very special tradition which can be slightly scary for people who are afraid of loud bangs. It consists of a parade around an area of the city with many people dressed up as devils who light small fireworks accompanied by drums. The bravest will follow them and get close to dance under the sparkles which end with a large bang. It is important to wear clothes to be protected from the sparks but you can just go to spectate.

Also, every night, there are firework displays by the beach overlooking the sea. On the last night of the festival, the closing display to the festival is the piromusical which is a firework display combined with music and accompanied by the “magic fountain” which is a colored light fountain. This is a special display which you cannot miss as it is unique.








Take advantage of the fact that there are free entrances to museums, monuments, and gardens during the festival. You can reserve to see the “Sagrada Familia” for free or see a concert at the Liceu Opera. There are also places which exclusively open for the festival like the Palace “Palauet Albenis” free of charge. With many open-air concerts, circus performances, and other children’s activities there is plenty for everyone at this festival.

You will not regret the stay in Barcelona during “La Mercè” as it is a special festival which will surprise you for its beauty and tradition.


Have an unforgettable stay in Spain.

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