Plans for San Valentine’s day in Barcelona 2020


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Valentine’s Day is a holiday of Christian origin that is celebrated annually on February 14 as a commemoration of the good works done by St. Valentine in Rome, which are related to the universal concept of love and affectivity.

Plans for San Valentine’s day in Barcelona

Nowadays, Valentine’s day is for sweethearts. It is the day that you show your friend or loved one that you care. You can send candy, a letter, or roses, to someone you think is special. People indulge their loved one with gifts, flowers, a romantic dinner or other romantic gestures.

In Barcelona, Valentine’s day is celebrated like the rest of the world on the 14th of February. There are many things to do on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona, and our Concierge Service can help you start planning and booking in advance any of the many options the city offers for this special day.

Activities you may do on valentine’s day with our Youstylish Barcelona Apartments Concierge Service:


# 1. Romantic Hot air Balloon Experience: Discover the experience of flying in a hot-air balloon over La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, one of the most interesting areas of dormant volcanoes in Europe. A flight in a hot-air balloon is a romantic and different way of traveling. This experience is ideal for nature-lovers and for those searching for new feelings; a hot-air balloon flight gives you a 360o bird’s-eye view of the landscape below.

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# 2. Romantic Cooking Class Experience: A gastronomic space aimed by any foodie person who loves the art of cooking and meeting new people. Our Concierge service can organize private classes for a special Valentine day or an unforgettable moment with your couple during your trip to Barcelona.

# 3. Romantic Picnic in the best spots of Barcelona: Enjoy a romantic picnic surrounded by nature or simply in the best spots of Barcelona, with a great landscape and excellent food, drink and decoration in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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Enjoy San Valentine’s Day in Barcelona with our Youstylish Barcelona Apartments and fall in love with this amazing city! 

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