Discovering the centre of Barcelona with the warmth of spring


As the spring arrives in Barcelona, the good weather accompanies it and the best way to enjoy the sun and warmth is by wandering around Barcelona’s centre. Make the most of being outside and soak up Barcelona’s sun. Take advantage of the many terraces Barcelona’s oldest markets and squares have to offer.

There are plenty of terraces to stop for a drink or lunch and soak up the sun. After a wander around the Boqueria, why don’t you head to the square next to the market- Pl. Agustí.. This square has historic buildings and terrace area. Inside the market, there are many market stalls which offer seating to have a quick bit of their fresh produce.









In the Borne area, there is also a famous market that is characterised for its colourful mosaic rooftop and it offers a range of tapas and wine, the perfect place to stop and eat, Mercat de Santa Caterina. This food market also has an outdoor area of one of the restaurants.

The main square in the Gothic area, Pl. Reial is a more densely touristic zone but it is a perfect place to sit on the many terraces there are to choose from. This large square may not be as quiet but it is still impressive and enjoyable.

Another different option is to sit on the terraces of the Park of Ciutadella to enjoy the nature.

A more tucked away square in the heart of the gothic centre is the Pl. del Rei right next to the huge Pl. de la Catedral where the majestic Cathedral of Barcelona stands. Pl. del Rei is a quiet square right off the side of the cathedral, It is tucked away and therefore less known. It has a terrace area of the restaurant there making it a perfect spot to take a break and admire the historic buildings.

These are some of the many options to sit outside in the sunny weather while eating or having a drink so you not only spend the day roaming outdoors but also get the most of the light and warm Barcelona’s spring has to offer. Come and visit Barcelona and stay in YouStylish apartments this spring!


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