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YouStylish Committed Entity Sustainable Tourism by Biosphere

Sustainable enterprise | 09.05.2022

“The only possible way in to the future is the sustainable tourism.  Interview Eva Martinez CEO Youstylish Barcelona Apartments.”

“Social connections bring people closer together and generate collaborative synergies. We strongly believe in a win-win  between businesses of Barcelona”,

Eva Martínez, co-founder of the YouStylish Apartments Barcelona company. 


What does Barcelona Apartments do?

We are a company dedicated to renting tourist apartments. We have always chosen quality over quantity. Our apartments reflect our passion and are located in emblematic places such as Paseo de Gracia, Rambla Cataluña, etc. We manage elegant, cosmopolitan, comfortable apartments, that are what we call “Stylish”.

We have great respect for the  owners/providers of these apartments and we are committed so that our activity is integrated into  the city life, the neighborhood and especially the building in a civic and respectful way.

We love to interact with people from all over the world since we do not only offer accommodation but an experience and support to enjoy the city of Barcelona and its surroundings. We are very proud of our young, international and very professional team.


What model of tourism do you identify with? What does having the Biosphere Tourism Commitment mean to you?

Fot us it’s very clear that the only possible way for the future is sustainable tourism, that places as priority  respect, civility  and promotion of the local commerce and culture. We are very proud to have obtained this Commitment promoted by the Barcelona City Council, thanks to the help from YouStylish team.

This quality seal is very much in line with our philosopjy and trajectory as a company, promoting respect for the environment, culture, working conditions, gender equality and social and economic return. It requires great commitment from management and the entire team, professionalizing processes and following established protocols.

Click here to check our  I-PRAC Certificate!


What do you do to promote sustainability in your work activity?

The truth is that our work activity has not changed much, we have always been a sustainable company in the broadest sense. It is a way of being and doing. There is absolute respect for people in the company and gender equity is taken into account.

We have taken part in the awards given by Barcelona City Council on work-life balance, as we are proud to offer flexible working conditions  to our employees.

Some of the axes of work, beyond sustainability, are gender equality, transparency and ultimately, the will to improve the world in which we live. What do they do to promote these goals?

Yes, we are a company made by people and for people. We have surrounded ourselves with the best people, our owners and our team. We believe in continuous improvement, littleby little.

The entire team is highly aware of respect for others and the environment. As lovers of Barcelona, it´s natural for us to recommend and promote local commerce and culture to our clients.

With respect to the ONU 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: what role do they give you in your task?

The ONU 2030 goals are very broad and from our company, in a very humble way, we especially work on gender equality, responsible consumption,  collaboration with local suppliers, the purcharse of environmentally friendly cleaning products, the recycling, collaboration with entities that help in the job placement of people with funcional diversity and donation to social entities.

During this complex period, we have committed to donating 3% of our online bookings to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The company has written an article on where to dispose of single-use masks and gloves. Why is this information important? 

We live in a present in which we want to reduce the consumption of plastic, but what we see now is totally contradictory. We must remember the importance of making good use of plastic and how to manage the waste of the sanitary protection materials, which have now become part of our lives.

How have you adapted as a company to the current situation generated by Covid-19?

Luckily at YouStylish we are all in very good health, which is the most important thing. In the line of work-life balance, it has been years since we have been able to work remotely thanks to technological investments. In this sense, adaptation has not been difficult.

The problem is that, like other sectors, we have been almost closed all this time, therefore, we have not had to reinvent ourselves generating new cleaning (disinfection) and Customer Care protocols.

I would also like to highlight that we have had the opportunity to provide healthcare personnel with  complimentary accommodation, thanks to the generosity of our owners.

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