En Petit Comité: Paris in Barcelona


A couple days ago I stumbled upon a gem of a little hang out right in the Plaza de Sant Pere while I was walking my dog. I went there last night to scope the place out and much to my joy it turned out to be a wonderful, authenticly French, restaurant.

The place itself is very simple. The ambience is a mixture of a “careless and abandoned warehouse” mixed with antique props like antique irons and boxes. The table in which I sat was an old renovated sewing table with the little peddle still there to rest our feet on. The people working there were very friendly, obviously French but speaking in perfect Spanish. There was a very easy going nature to the place, very unhurried and quite intimate.

The food choice was minimal but perfect: kept to 3 types of cheese platters and 2 types of “butifarra platter” which is basically a meat plate. All of the ingredients in each plate was authentically French and came with a generous portion of bread. The wine list was extensive and surprisingly affordable. We bought a whole bottle of wine, one of the more expensive cheese plates (8€), the meat plate and two more glasses of a different wine and it all cost less than 35€ and we were extremely full up by the end of the night, not to mention quite cheerful.

The only negative part of the night was the allowance of smoking in the facility as cigarette smoke is known to change the taste of the wine and the food. Luckily, there weren’t many people there smoking so it wasn’t a huge bother. A positive thing to look out for is the addition of a dessert menu and other various details.

All in all, En Petit Comité is an amazing little unknown and new restaurant that has opened up in the Sant Pere neighborhood that is worth a visit.


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Rambla de Catalunya 77, 

Pral. 2ªB, 08007 Barcelona

+34 930 002 380

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