How the You Stylish Team Lived the Barça Euro Cup Champions


We here at You Stylish…with the exception of a few persons who will remain unamed (didn’t send pictures…) LOVE Barça. We tote the official shirts, we watch every game, we soar with every win and we suffer with every loss. We lived the hard moments with the team while many of the players were injured and couldn’t play and all this came to the culmination of the Champions league trophy. Here is our story.



My family, my husband and our two year old watched the game from Bar Gerbard where the owner has a replica of the Champions league trophy signed by Pep Guardiola himself! The Bar Gerbard has a lot of life and movement. It is a real local bar located in Sarria where people who love football come together to watch together and of course, have a good time. The video below is when we won and everyone that you see here were dancing and singing. You can also see a bit of the projector screen with the players walking around the field. It was a really emotional moment for all of us.



I wantched the game from the Gran Foc restaurant/ lounge bar with a bunch of friends to watch the game on their big screen projectors. It was crazy when we won! The streets after the game filled with people shouting and singing. It was like everyone had won the lotto or something all at the same time. You couldn’t see people more euphoric than in that moment. The party also lasted until the morning in Canaletas but my friends and I decided to go back to my house to watch the celebrations on the T.V. instead and celebrate with just us. I am used to a lot of euphoria in the games in Colombia but I have never seen anything like the celebrations in Canaletas.



We watched the game in my house with my husband and with the friends of my son. I usually don’t like football but this game, being so important, was actually really enjoyable. I watched the whole thing and celebrated afterwards with my family. The next day, they had a parade in Barcelona with the Barça team members on a a big bus touring the city and waving to the people. We went to go see them and ended up walking alongside the bus for a long time waving back to the players. My husband was just as excited as my son and they ran to catch up with the bus. It was a really lovely day in general, being able to enjoy something that means so much to my boys together.



I became a huge fan of Barça when I first got here to Barcelona when they were just about to play the World Champions. Many of the first line players of the Spanish team were from the Barça team. So after that victory, I started following every Barça game. I slowly got to know the players, their positions, what type of people they were etc. My boyfriend and I made it a bit of a ritual, these game days as a special day where we bust out the pistachios, the gaucamole maybe and the chips and of course a couple of beers to enjoy the match. This year, and this game in particular, was one of the games where the Barça team played the very best of all of the games that I have seen. They had a couple of moments where they missed opportunities for goals, but in the end they came through with their talent, their teamwork and their determination. I admire the players for what they stand for. I admire them for being known not for brute force but for style and talent. Needless to say, I celebrated the victory of the team in my livingroom with the pistachios, the dips and the works and when we won I screamed from the terrace of my apartment to the rest of the shouts coming from every house in the city. It was a chorus of sound from every corner of the city. We were feeling the same feelings, watching the same thing and all these strangers, these thousands of strangers in this city, in that same moment, them and I, we were one. From the balcony, I watched the aftermath of the victory, the public buses being stopped on the street and honking, the cars stopped and honking due to the joy of the victory and also due to the large amounts of people singing and dancing in the street. We watched the new reports until very late, the interviews with the trainers and some of the interviews with the players. It was a very special moment that can only be understood when you are here living it.


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