YouStylish keeps apartments in style


YouStylish is working hard to get the apartments in top shape for the arrival of all of you this coming season. The aesthetic of the apartments evolves with current trends; YouStylish keeps apartments in style. We are ensuring that even the smallest details are at the highest standard for our client’s commodity. Why? Because we want to offer you the best quality apartment during your stay.







As you can see in the pictures above,  we have been repainting and adding details and decoration to our city center 3 bedroom flat B347. We have had a photographer take updated pictures so you can check out the final result. We have added aesthetic value to the furniture and decorations to give a stronger sense of comfort for our clients to feel like they’re in their own apartment. Our goal is to make it inviting and personal. The details like the stylish lamps and cozy rugs have been added to match the atmosphere of the city. These are trying to reflect a combination of colors that the Mediterranean climate has to offer.









The modern paintings add warmth and character to the living room to create an overall style to the apartment. These decorations are less conservative articles of design which help our guests to breath the air of Barcelona.

In another apartment, our sea-view terrace B502, we have been doing maintenance and preparing the impressive terrace to be used in the upcoming hotter seasons. This apartment is located in a pleasant area just at the ideal distance from the city center to disconnect and enjoy the breeze of the sea from the exclusive terrace. This terrace has views of both the city and the sea where the best sunsets can be enjoyed with your partner or with friends.


Have an unforgettable stay in Spain.

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