Barcelona is ideal in Autumn, this year it is just as good!



The city of Barcelona is buzzing this Autumn as the good weather and long days make it feel like it’s still summer here. Although, there has been a series of out of the normal situations recently due to the political conflicts between the Spanish and Catalan government, Barcelona still has a convivial, warm atmosphere to receive tourists. The fight for what people defend as democracy in deciding the independence of Catalonia, has brought people onto the streets in a peaceful pacific manner.

Although, in the news the situation has been sensationalized, portraying it as a violent and irregular time in Catalonia, we, as citizens living here, disagree with this portrayal.  While the press highlight many manifestations and constant problems, the day to day life is like always, everyone attends to their obligations and carries a normal life. As a tourist there is no need to find yourselves in the occasional manifestations, which are conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner.

This is why there should be no problem in coming to Barcelona this Autumn, quite the opposite as it is the best time to visit! Take advantage of the great weather this city is characterized for. The sun is still shining, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy our sandy beaches this Autumn. Now in October, experience what very little people can, the beaches are spacious due to less people frequenting it and the water at is warmest.



While the locals are busy into their everyday lives, enjoy the peace and quiet. Come to Barcelona! It is as it always will be, warming, friendly and buzzing with life.  We will always welcome our tourists with our hands open.

Watch the following video recorded today, the 25th of October 2017, right in front of Casa Milà, the famous house of Gaudí, on the main Barcelona street – Passeig de Gracia. As you can see, the life flows peacefully as always, LOVELY!


Come to visit us, enjoy now our best offers for Autumn, take a city break in Barcelona!



Have an unforgettable stay in Spain.

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