Barcelona Design Week- Stylish accomodation


Barcelona is hosting the 12th edition of the Barcelona Design Week (BDW) from the 6th to the 14th of June. This event is know as an international gathering which joins entrepreneurs and professionals of the sector organized by Barcelona Centre of Design (BCD). It also gives the general public an opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of design and explore the creativity inside themselves. As one of the most important Design Weeks of the international calendar it is an event worth coming to Barcelona, even if you are not dedicated to the sector. What better way to come to Barcelona’s Design Week than in “You Stylish” apartments, stylish apartments for rent located in iconic parts of the city?

This year’s main theme is named under the title of “Transforming the society” as the main objective of this year is to use the value of design to transform society in order to promote the concepts of innovation, sustainability and overall increase the quality of life of the people.

The week consists of a variety of activities, expositions and events and presentations, which are majorly hosted, in the BCD headquarters- “Disseny Hub Barcelona”. The program will consist of over 100 activities as well as those organized by other entities and companies that have decided to also contribute to the idea. To commence the week there is an opening conference ‘Design for a better world: Betting for the creative future of Africa’ by Ravi Naidoo, which will kick off the BDW 2017, followed by an opening party in the exterior of the Hub.

During the first day of the design week, the Krea installation will also be inaugurated. Different images in creative processes’, an opportunity to delve into a sample that explores the value of creativity from situations and unique life experiences of groups at risk of social exclusion. Those attending the opening day will also be able to see a prototype temporary shelter that has been designed with the objective of responding to needs arising in emergency situations, such as the current Syrian conflict or the earthquakes affecting Italy.

This shows just a small idea of what the week has prepared for Barcelona, in this search to transform society’s view.

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