Sustainable apartments, enterprise and workers


As the year of Sustainable tourism for development, we want to share the ways we actively participate to make our business and apartments sustainable. Many people only focus on a small section of what sustainable really is. Responsible tourism and development is not only about minimizing negatives like electricity use and waste. It is also about making experiences and places better like community engagement, experimental richness and the quality of memories made. As philosophy of the company we prioritize this as the core of our principals. Our focus is to maximize the quality of the memories made through a whole experience. The experience includes the people met, the places visited, the activities participated in and the memories created. Like experiential tourism outlines, we make every visitors experience very personal, unique and individual.

At You stylish, we think long-term as we forge strong relationships with employees and members of the community. We find ways to reduce the amount of natural resources we consume and the amount of waste and pollution we produce. This sustainable perspective is the basis of all our other actions.

We have ensured that the cleaning products we use in our apartments are eco-friendly as the toxic components in the chemicals of some cleaning products are polluting the environment. We also remind our customers through instructions to recycle and save energy when staying in our apartments. We also contribute to a responsible consumption of resources and recommend our clients to do the same. The apartments have all got sound controllers installed in order to avoid acoustic contamination. We want Barcelona to be the fantastic place it is but conserving tranquillity and minimizing pollution.

Our aim to have a regular social compromise with our community means we do not only focus on sustainable development for our clients but also our workers. By trying to harmonize the work environment to conciliate and work together, creates an efficient and quality ambience.

Because of this we want to make many other sustainable improvements in our business in the future and this year is the best opportunity to get down to business. We want to save an important amount of energy by installing an intelligence software on the air-conditioning machine to optimize the energy consumption. It will not only save a lot of energy but also a surprising amount of money. This is the core of what sustainability really is, the benefit and balance of economic, social and environmental factors in a situation.


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