Sustainable management of assets donating bed linen



As talked about in an earlier post, this year is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. You Stylish has already participated actively in actions supporting this philosophy in the past, but this year is an even bigger opportunity to prove our capacity to be a sustainable enterprise and spread the message to conscience the public.

As a company policy, we started to rent the sheets we used in the apartments to ensure an improvement in quality and reduce the number of stock. We found ourselves with a very large amount of linen that was now useless to us as we now rented it instead. As the bed linen was in perfectly good conditions and more importantly, there are so many people around the world that need it, we decided to donate the linen. The two organizations we decided to donate to: “AcidH” and “Acción planetaria” (Planetary Action) are Barcelona-based organizations with two very different focuses in improving equality and social integration.

AcidH is a local organization in Barcelona, which stands for “The Catalan association of integration and human development”. It is set up to help people with limited intelligence as these people need special attention to be able to grow into a person who can contribute positively to society. AcidH provides special, personalized education in order to prepare them to later have access to a range of job types. They also offer 3 flexible types of accommodation: Internal residence with a group of professionals present at all times.

Accommodation with some support for those who have acquired some level of autonomy permitting them to live independently in shared apartments and the most independent with punctual support to those who live alone. All the accommodation needs an extensive number of capital and assets to reach an acceptable standard of living. The donation we made of bed linen was a way to ensure a level of quality in these people’s accommodation and help the association to focus their expenses in much more important factors which all go into integrating them socially and giving them a fair opportunity in this society.


On the other hand, “Acción planetaria DSR” is more globally focused as it has projects in different parts of Africa, Peru and Europe. The focus of this NGO is to create global actions, which try to engage with the environment and aims to improve the planet in a transparent and realistic form. In our case, the bed linen was destined to one of their projects set up in Peru.

The project consists of a solitary community kitchen that exists to meet the basic food needs of families and children as well as trying to increase dental care. By organizing solitary holidays, open to anyone who wants to pay and visit to the facilities, funds are raised. Also, through donations and sponsorships the children are given an education in the same facilities. Therefore, the amount that people pay for their solitary holidays goes towards education and to grant university studies for the children in a developing country where poverty reigns.

These facilities, however, have to reach a certain standard of quality and cover all the visitors’ needs.
This is an expenditure that reduces the amount of money invested in the children; this is why the donation of bed linen and towels we made provides the facilities with quality equipment. Donating our assets is a way for them to offer solitary holidays in order to obtain funds. These funds will facilitate work, family and personal reconciliation as they assure food to more than 60 children, the opportunity to access a basic education or even university.


We need to be more conscious about how we dispose of the products we no longer need. By throwing away perfectly good items, which so many people around the world cannot even afford in the first place, we are creating a more unequal world with excessive consumerism and destroying our environment. The repercussions of our seemingly insignificant actions will control the way the planet evolves.


In our case, the positive attributions of donating the bed linen and towels to these two organizations ensures a contribution to a range of very positive and sustainable developments to our society and planet. The way we decided to dispose of this asset highlighted our awareness and commitment to being a sustainable enterprise.



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