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“A hungry stomach cannot hear.” -Jean de La Fontaine-

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe and that`s why we get to see people from all around the World. This important issue is what makes Barcelona the perfect place to find all kind of restaurants with all types of food from different cultures. Of course the main plate in Barcelona and Spain is “Las tapas” that are considere the most popular custom. Tapas are small portions of sausages, cheeses and other products, served on small plates, as if there were a wine tasting. It is usually ordered with a glass of wine, beer or other liquors. Here we will recommend the closest Tapas restaurant to your apartment and also other kind of food you can find in a hungry moment.

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Eating is a basic necessity. We must eat to live! But here in Barcelona, eating is not just to give nutrition to your body, but is considered an event of pure pleasure. You have the pleasure of spending time with people you like, conversing about whatever you wish and also the excitement of trying new foods and savoring old classics. Eating in Barcelona is an art. Some of the greatest chefs and restaurants in the world are located right here in this city and their restaurants make an appearance on this list. Then again, some of these restaurants on the list are just some favorite hang outs of our You Stylish staff. One thing is for certain though: We here in Barcelona know how to eat well.

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Brasserie Flo

C. Machiroku


E. Taller de Tapas

Our description of the restaurants:

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment Id is B341, New Plaza Catalunya Apartments, here is the link to the apartment with details and pictures:

Apartment: B341


The Brasserie Flo is adjacent to Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona, ​​and certainly captures the spirit of such exquisite and elegant flagship institution to the extent that the restaurant itself is an emblem of good food in Barcelona, a classic with over 30 years of haute cuisine to their backs. His beginnings as a Parisian brasserie have given way to a temple of Mediterranean cuisine in honor of the most discerning palate that is also affordable to all budgets. In Brasserie Flo, Product quality is a priority, the noble product is the starting point in preparing every dish. Brasserie Flo very careful presentation of their dishes, but creating complete meals. It’s a classic kitchen but evolved and adapted to today’s trends. The same quality is evident in their desserts, all homemade, from ice cream to top desserts.


I LOVE SUSHI! And living in Spain, you would think that finding quality ethnic food would be a difficult task (which if you asked 5 years ago might have been the case). Machiroku happens to be a testament that even in Barcelona, Spain you can still find cuisine from all over the world of reasonable quality. The menu covers the authentic Japonese sushi basics: sushi, maki, shashimi, Japonese beer, etc. The price is very reasonable and you have a nice variety of things to choose from. The portions may be small, but the price and the variety will make sure to leave you satisfied. Also, this place doesn’t pretend to be chic or trendy. They just serve good sushi with a positive and friendly attitude in a clean atmosphere. Sometimes that is worth more than any sort of cuisine award.


Located in Plaza Urquinaona, very close to your apartment you will enjoy a great place where you can eat fast food. KFC Is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken and Original Recipe Strips with home-style sides, Honey BBQ Wings, and freshly made chicken sandwiches.


Located in the Born Area in Barcelona, very close to your apartment you will enjoy a great place where you can eat “Tapas”. The “tapas” or simply “montado”, is a some kind of appetizer made with a type of bread usually very small bar called the same way. They are widespread and well known in spain, which has a great tradition putting up meats on the bread. Each Tapa is all at affordable prices.


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