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Why should I advertise my property rental with You Stylish Apartments?

You-Stylish Apartments is a reputable apartment rental agency known for its high standard of excellence and professionalism. There is a reason that guests repeat their stays with us every year, and so our apartment owners know that they have competitive rentability in the travel sector as well as transparency in regards to reservations. Ask us how you might be eligible to join our You Stylish community.

Why should I book my accommodation with You Stylish Apartments?

Find your ideal accommodation for your vacation, business or medical stay in Barcelona in addition to having personalized service. We want you to have the best stay in Barcelona possible and that is why we only offer hand picked, quality apartments located in exclusive areas in the city center, beach, and major tourist attractions sites. You are cared for from before, during and after your stay with us.

How do I book an apartment online?

Simply select the dates of your check-in and check-out by clicking on the pop-up calendars and the number of people. Press on “Recalculate” to confirm dates, number of guests and total cost. Click “Book” to begin the payment process.

Is there a minimum age to book an apartment?

Only adults over 25 years old and/or families are accepted, unless there are minors of 25 coming with family or a company.

I have a (baby, handicapped person, large group of people, person with noise/light sensitivities) in my group. Do you have apartments that are suitable?

We pride ourselves in the variety of apartments that we offer in Barcelona. Please feel free to ask us at if someone in your group has special needs and we would be happy to direct you to the apartments available that would be best suited for you!

Can I cancel or change my reservation?

For all booking cancellations, the following policy will be applied:

1) FREE CANCELLATION: If the date of cancellation is greater than 20 days from check-in, the booking payment will be refunded.
2) If the date of cancellation is 20 days or less from the check-in date, 0% of the booking payment will be refunded.

All changes to confirmed reservations will be considered on an individual basis depending upon apartment availability and season.

We encourage you to contact us at or call our office at +34 930002380 to enquire about your reservation change request.

Whom do I contact to book an apartment?

You Stylish Apartments successfully works as intermediaries between owners and guests. By clicking on the “Inquiry” option located on each apartment page, just below the online price quotation in the right-hand column, you may write to us with your detailed questions and your enquiry will be answered by a You Stylish Apartments representative within 24 hours. You may also send your enquiry to or call our office at +34 930002380

How do I contact you to inquire about an apartment?

Please send your enquiry to or call our office at +34 930002380. Please leave a detailed message with your contact information and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

I have always stayed in a hotel, what are the advantages to staying in a holiday apartment?

Renting furnished apartments for short/medium term periods is a highly popular option for those travelers seeking comfort, space, privacy, convenience, and the best value for their money. You-Stylish Apartments offers a complete and efficient service to find your ideal accommodation for your vacation or business trip at competitive prices and with the highest quality. We are focussed to offering you high end apartments in exclusive areas near the city center, beach, and major tourist attractions, at affordable prices and with friendly, dependable service.

Do we have any contact number for us to use in case of an emergency?

In case of emergency, please contact a You-Stylish Apartments representative at the following cell phone number: +34 661964231. During the weekdays, a representative may also be reached at our office number at +34 930002380

If we cannot meet the check-in /check-out hours, can we leave our luggage somewhere while we visit the city?

We always try to be flexible with the check-in and check-out hours. In the event that we should have a check-in / check-out on the same day, we would need to apply the standard check-in time (after 3 PM and before 9 PM). If these cannot be met, you may always leave your luggage locked in one of Barcelona’s locker services, or we may watch it in our office during office hours while you walk around town and enjoy something to eat. To confirm your check-in and check-out times, please contact us by email, one week prior to your visit to:

When will my security deposit be returned?

The check-out procedure and apartment review may take around 20 minutes. Our You Stylish Check-in agent will meet you at the flat at Check-out to collect keys and to return your security deposit, granted that the apartment is in good condition (as it was at the check-in) and no items are missing or damaged.

How do I get the keys to the apartment?

We are proud of our personalized check in process. Our agents will meet and greet you at your apartment, give you a walk through of the apartment on how the appliances, Wifi internet access, and heating and air conditioning work and they will answer any question that you might have. In order to avoid unnecessary wait times, we ask that once you arrive in Barcelona and BEFORE taking transport to the apartment, you call your check in agent to the phone number provided in your booking confirmation email. She will then be able to gauge how much time is needed to do the check in and organize any other details directly with you.

Whom do I contact with problems or questions during my stay in an apartment?

Please notify your check-in contact person as soon as possible for apartment items you find damaged or in need or repair, during your stay so that we may promptly resolve the problem. We want you to enjoy your stay and not be inconvenienced by something which can be fixed or replaced. In case of emergency, please contact a You-Stylish Apartments representative at the following cell phone number: +34 661964231. During the weekdays, a representative may also be reached at our office number at +34 930002380.

What should I do if there is a problem with the apartment or something is broken during my stay?

If during your stay there is any problem or something does not work please notify it as soon as you see it to the Check in agent number +34 661964231, and If you accidentally break something, please let us know, and depending on what is damaged, the maintenance staff will fix it and deduct it from the deposit.

Is it mandatory to pay city tax for our stay?

The Barcelona city tax is an official tax that is obligatory in all of Catalonia and must be paid by the client directly. The cost is 6€ per person per day, but only up to 7 days. It is also a good indicator of the legality of the apartments and of the agency that organizes the stay.

How does the customer area work and what can I do there?

It is an exclusive services from our YouStylish guests, Once you have made the reservation you will have access to all the information of your booking, the details of your apartment, the services you could have through our private concierge, also a guide where you will find all the recommendations close to your apartment (Bakery, supermarket, train station, pharmacy, etc). Here you could also have access to the wifi information and contact us for any questions.

Do you have special services available during our stay?

We are delighted to present to you our Concierge service, designed especially by, and for you: CONCIERGE4YOU. it is a professional service that is at your disposition during your stay, always when you need it: FRIDGE STOCKING, DROP-ON DROP-OFF BUS TICKETS, RESTAURANTS BOOKINGS, BABYSITTERS, CHEF EXPERIENCES IN YOUR APARTMENT. All for you.

We can organize what you need, whatever you need, when you need it during your stay. Get offers and access to the best nightclubs, restaurants, and shows, only available for You Stylish guests.

For more information visit our Concierge Service options (Click here )

How is the security in the city?

In Barcelona, as in large European cities in tourist areas, we recommend taking into account basic security measures, monitoring personal objects, keeping belongings in view, to avoid problems.

To avoid any incident, It is very important to make sure of closing the doors and the windows of the apartment. If your apartment has a safe box, we suggest that you use it to store your personal items.

All of our apartments are covered by insurance that does not include the items of the guests. In case of damage or theft, You Stylish is not responsible in any case. If you prefer to be covered, we recommend you to take insurance for your stay.

In case of theft during your stay in Barcelona

You must contact us at our 24 hours number and immediately go to the nearest police station to report the situation.

You Stylish is not responsible for the damage or belongings stolen, but we will help you throughout the process. Reporting the situation is very important, because it allows you to travel back in case you lose your passport or ID, and also be able to be contacted to claim your belongings in case they are found.

Is there a walk-in reception for the customers?

Yes, we have front desk reception on site. Our staff will contact you a few days before your arrival to find out what time you will arrive. If you arrive outside the established hours, you can call at any hour to agree a new arrival time. We have 24 hours customer service to cover your needs. You Stylish accepts overnight guests*.



*View check-in policies around 9pm and 12pm.