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BARCELONA CULTURAL SIGHTS AROUND B232 CITY CENTRAL DESIGN APARTMENT You are located in a pretty cool place to walk around all the city sightseeing. Barcelona has so many places to see, so please get to know all the good places and enjoy being in this great sunny city. Our staff has personally selected the following interesting sights for you to visit just next to your apartment.

Cultural Visit just around your apartment, the itinerary suggested is:

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Barcelona has so many sights to see and things to experience! Here are some of the sights that we think you might like:

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Plaza Catalunya

C. Casa Batllo

D. La Pedrera

E. Macba

F. La Catedral

Our description of the sights:

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Santa María del Mar is one of the most beautiful churches in Barcelona and right in the center of the coolest part of the city. Just across the way from the church are great places to eat and have a drink after (or a continuation of) all that meditating. My favorite hang out across from the church specializes in only wine. Also, sometimes there is a woman who sings opera just outside the church’s front entrance. So you can sightsee, eat and be serenaded all at the same time. Make sure also to check out the Barcelona Cathedral, which is on the way to Santa Maria del Mar.


La Casa Batlló is like an explosion of color, movement and fantasy. A shiny dragon’s back glints from the rooftop of the building and several masks that just happen to be the balconies invite you to join in the joy and celebration. La Casa Batlló is particularly gorgeous at night when it is lit up and the various tiles glint like a pool of water. These two buildings: Batlló and La Pedrera are both located in the heart of the city in what is now the most exclusive street in Barcelona, Passeig de Gracia. Don’t miss exploring some of the shops or having a tapa while you are walking around.


La Pedrera looks as if the sea had sandpapered it’s walls into their undulating forms. Although it is not as colorful as Gaudi’s Casa Batlló from the outside, it still doesn’t fail to impress. La Pedrera always reminds me of a shell, the outside brown and perhaps rough and the inside smooth, colorful and welcoming. One of the nice things that the Pedrera does is hold expositions in the circular first level of the building and almost always, they are FREE. Keep your eyes peeled in the case that you can catch an exposition, not only for the fantastic art, but you may also get a free sneak peak to the inside of this famous Gaudi building!


The Modern art museum in Barcelona certainly isn’t for everyone. Modern art in general isn’t for everyone but if modern contemporary art is your thing, then this all white museum is your place. Even if you aren’t an art buff, the front of the MACBA tends to be a real hotspot for skaters and skateboarders everywhere. I have often times seen people coming all the way from America just to skate in the giant skate park that has become the front of the MACBA building.


Dating back to the 13th century with continuous structural changes up until the 15th century, this beautiful cathedral stands tall and proud located right across the street from the market Santa Caterina. Outside the cathedral is a sight to see with its high spiky towers and its classic gothic decorations. People pass by the Cathedral sometimes stopping in the huge courtyard to take pictures or have a drink in the bar/restaurants that line the plaza. This cathedral, in addition to being the official “seat to the Archbishop of Barcelona,” is said to be the resting place of the child martyr Saint Eulalia who is entombed inside the cathedral. There are many stories about this Saint but all stories agree that she was tortured and killed by the Romans in trying to defend her religion. Try and see if you can spot the 13 geese that the cathedral keeps in the saint’s honor. The 13 geese are said to represent the 13 years that Saint Eulalia had when she died. Another thing to remember is that no one is allowed inside the Cathedral with their bare shoulders showing. It is a sign of disrespect. Various people generally stand outside the Cathedral selling scarves to cover the shoulders of people who aren’t savy of the regulations, but if you come with a t-shirt that covers your shoulders, you don’t need to buy a scarf. Plus you’ll be extra cool for knowing about the Cathedral before going.


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