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Apartments in eixample Barcelona near the beach

Apartments in the Eixample area in Barcelona and near the beach is a hotspot for any person that wants comfort and space in Barcelona. The Eixample area was established in Barcelona after the historical part of Barcelona was becoming too constricted and they needed to break down the medieval wall by famous city planner, Ildefons Cerdà i Sunyer. The Eixample area was constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries with a utopian type idea of a neighborhood where all apartments get sunlight, a green space, traffic is minimized and city sanitation was up to standard (which, for the historical part of Barcelona, was definitely not the case). The apartments in this area, therefore, tend to be more modern, and have more space (more meters squared in comparison to the historical part of the city like the Ramblas area). The beach area, on the other hand, is the newest part of the city. The beaches were man-made from around 1992 when the Barcelona Olympics took place. Today, they are one of the key attractions for tourists in Barcelona and it is funny to think that it has not always been like that. The beach area, apart from the sandy beaches also have many nightclubs and dance clubs that are quite popular, in addition to seafood restaurants and the Barcelona aquarium and cinemas. The Eixample area is not on the beach, but located in the middle of the city center, but luckily, Barcelona is small enough to move easily between zones. From the Eixample area, you can easily take the metro a couple of stops and end up in the beach area, or bike down if you feel like renting a bike or even walk. Even though the two zones are considered two different spaces, we do have some apartments that might fit what you are looking for. And you can always count on our You Stylish promise of quality. We offer quality apartments, quality service and a quality stay that you will certainly remember for years to come. Remember that all of our You Stylish guests have our 24-hour emergency hotline if they have any questions about their apartment of if they need any assistance during their stay. We also have a concierge service where our concierge is happy to offer you any extra services that you might need during your stay with us like tickets to the most interesting events in the city or information about what to do during your stay. Upon your arrival, you will also meet your check in agent who will be your contact to find out information about your apartment and the neighborhood surrounding you. You have our support during your stay to make sure that you have the best stay in Barcelona possible.

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