Such a great time, such a beautiful city, thank you Youstylish!

Review of Beachfront Diagonal Mar Apartment B335

09-12-2019 |

Hi, my name is Adam, I am from Australia. I came to Barcelona this weekend, and stayed with Youstylish Apartments, which was an absolute blessing.

Such a great time, such a beautiful city, thank you Youstylish!

This weekend in Barcelona they had the Oktoberfest! which was great. The party was great, I had a lost of tips on What to do this weekend, so much trending.

We did all the great stuff, nothing was too much trouble, I can not recommended enough!

Such a great time, such a beautiful country, such a beautiful city, and such a great company!

Thanks very much Youstylish!


We really enjoy seeing our guest so happy with our Youstylish Apartments and with Barcelona. Adam and his group decided to stay in one of our apartments located in the beach area with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 

This beachfront Diagonal Mar apartment had a wonderful view of the sea cost in Barcelona! During their stay they got to enjoy the beachfront view from the floor to ceiling windows in the living room of the apartment, and from each of the bedrooms that faced the seashore. 

The apartment was very sunny, with a modern and tasteful decorations. The three bedrooms and two bathrooms were perfect for Adam and his group, because everyone had a bit of space including the living room area which was really comfortable, and where they were able to chat about the city or simply hang out.

Since the apartment is on a higher floor, Adam vacation was really calm in a beachfront Diagonal Mar apartment, but also they got to enjoy all the activities in the city center. 

We hope Adam and his group come and visit us soon!!!

Check out where Adam and his group stayed: Beachfront Diagonal Mar Apartment B335