We Loved Our Centric and Spacious Barcelona Apartment

Review of Group accommodation in Barcelona B501

03-05-2019 |

we loved our stay here in Barcelona with YouStylish. It was very centric. There were a lot of great places nearby we could just walk to. We had a great time

It was really central, an amazing place overall. Very spacious and comfortable for our whole family. We loved how the sunlight fills the apartment all up.

The eating places nearby were really amazing and we fell in love with an ice cream place right on the corner. Our kids loved it so we would go there almost every day of our stay


We Loved Our Centric and Spacious Barcelona Apartment

Very clean very nice and nice. There are amazing shopping places close to the apartment and honestly, we just walked everywhere we wanted to. If we wanted to go somewhere a little further, we would just hop on the metro station located within a few walking distances from where we were staying.

We want to also mention the amazing Wecolme Pack you get when you arrive at the apartment.

We didn’t know it was included so it was a very nice surprise. It’s a small pack containing some basics like water, wine, chocolate, toast some tea and even coffee.  We just find it very nice to arrive after a long trip and find these little gestures. It comes a long way!

We want to thank the YouStylish team for making our stay wonderful. The concierge was very attentive suggesting plans and places to visit on our visit. The check-in was so quick, we appreciated that he was waiting for us in front of the building when we got there.


We hope to come back soon and stay with you again!


If you want to see the apartment Naveed and his family stay, click here:

Group accommodation in Barcelona B501

Te group accommodation in Barcelona Apartment is located in the PLAZA CATALUNYA area of Barcelona. The Plaza Catalunya is the heart of the city centre and is known to be the best place if you want to shop, try new foods, see the old city, or go out to enjoy the Barcelona nightlife. The apartment itself is amazingly quiet, offering a sanctuary after a long day of activities.