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Review of Casa Conill Montobbio B366

15-10-2015 |

I really do not know what to stay about you guys I travel with my family from 22-25 Sep 2015, it was a great experience for us to try You stylish and we stayed and there apartment in Parse de Garcia Ok first of all from the first email with Nina which she was the key issue to trust and go on with them , she was very very helpful, informative and organize.

She helped me to even organize my trip better in Spain and how to spend my time in Barcelona with clear and explained details. Even more she let me feel that she not just selling product or service to us but she transfer the feeling of keen and as if a member of the family helping other member to get the best…thank you Nina. Also cannot forget hero Francisco who met us at the apartment and made everything easy for us further more he handed the Tickets for the Flamingo show which booked and arranged by them too. So thank you indeed for your efforts and appreciate that you made everything in perfect time. Location and the flat was great and luxury…. For sure I will not use hotel in Barcelona again if you stylish has availability. ..you are a real good example for customer service and hospitality… Lucky me to deal with you. Ahmed Khalil and family.