Impeccable and convenient Barcelona Flat!

Review of Stylish Mediterranean Traveler Apartment B371

05-01-2019 |

Our stay in Barcelona was really fantastic, the house impeccable, convenient to public and private transportation, clean and comfortable flat.

Impeccable and convenient Barcelona Flat!

The check-in took place on time and when we left (having the flight late at night) we asked to stay for longer. The YouStylish agency was very fast and available to accommodate our needs. The rooms are very spacious, airy and bright with windows that open onto small balconies overlooking the street. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary means to be able to do any kind of meal from breakfasts to the most complex dinners. We would be happy if we could come back one day or find other apartments like this one from other hosts.


We thank you for all, Gaia Ferrario.


Gaia came to Barcelona to expend her vacations. They where a group of 6 and chose our apartment B371 located in the trendy Sant Antoni neighborhood.  It has become very popular with locals and also foreigners due to the kind of shops and restaurants that recently opened.

This apartment was perfect for them because it was not only very well located. It offered three double bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms and plenty of styles!

At YouStylish, we are happy that clients like Gaia and her group had a great experience in Barcelona. We hope she chooses the YouStylish apartments team to make their trip even better next time!


We hope Gaia comes back soon to visit us.


Check out the apartment where Gaia and her group stayed:

Stylish Mediterranean Traveler Apartment B371

beautiful 3 bedrooms stylish Mediterranean traveler apartment offers three double bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms. It even has its own Spanish balcony.

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