Amazing View From This Casa Batlló Balcony in Barcelona

Review of Duplex New 3 Bedroom Beach Area Apartment B382

13-06-2019 |

We are a big family! We currently live in South Korea, but our kids are all around. We hadn’t been all together for over 5 months. Booking this amazing apartment right in front of Casa Batlló we got all together!

It was a special occasion for us since we haven’t been all together for a while, so it was an amazing thing to do it in this beautiful apartment.

We decided to meet in Barcelona because we have never been here, and wanted to enjoy a little bit of sun right before summer started. We only had a few days, so we wanted to take full advantage of them.

Amazing View From This Casa Batlló Balcony in Barcelona

casa batllo

I can say, without hesitation, we LOVED the apartment. The decoration and style are impeccable. The service was amazing, the You Stylish team were very attentive all the time. They met all of our requests and more.

We decided to enjoy every single day out, and the concierge Nina helped us! She was so nice, she booked daily a different restaurant for us, and we can say for sure, every single restaurant was beyond delicious. We definitely would do it again, with the help of the concierge who wisely, gave us tips!

We also asked her to book Sagrada Familia tickets for us. Since it’s high season, it was almost impossible for us to find them on our own. She did all of that and also helped us organize a trip to Montserrat!

We can say, we will come back to Barcelona again, we loved the city and we will book with You Stylish without hesitation.

We LOVED Casa Batlló view, and the space the apartment has was just perfect.


Thank you!

Byung Huh


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Take advantage of the fantastic location, the elegant apartment, and more importantly, be a part of the rich history that Barcelona has. Live the Barcelona experience, don’t just visit.

CASA CONILL I MONTOBBIO guest bedroom B366