Everything was good, everything was great, highly recommended!

Review of Barcelona Beach apartment B360

04-11-2018 |

We stayed at You Stylish apartments in Barcelona, it was a great experience.

The apartment views were amazing, everything was clean. We really enjoy it! We really enjoy our time with You Stylish. Thank you guys, we will come back.

Guys, we stayed with You Stylish in Barcelona, everything was good, everything was great. Highly recommended!

 Everything was good, everything was great, highly recommended!

Glenn and his group of 6 friends, came from Malta to visit us in our Frontline 3 bedroom Barcelona beach apartment with amazing sea views and a lovely balcony located in the beach area of the city. They really enjoy the beautiful sea view seen from all the windows of the apartment.


We are very happy that our client Glenn and his group enjoyed Barcelona so much and we hope they come to visit us soon!

Thank you, Glenn and group, for the good reviews :)