BARCELONA RESTAURANTS AROUND Gran de Gracia Chic street Apartment B367

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“A man seldom thinks with more earnestness of anything than he does of his dinner.” – Samuel Johnson

We here at You Stylish Barcelona Apartments have wined and dined in many restaurants and we have chosen some of our favorite places to eat just for you. Eating well is so important in Barcelona both to our staff and to the Spanish culture. Here are our picks that are within walking distance from your rental apartment.

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Hungry? Barcelona offers some of the best places to dine with class or dine on a budget, but one of the best parts of staying in this apartment is it’s proximity to some of the best places to eat in the city, all within walking distance. Here are some You Stylish suggestiond of places that we personally know to be good around your B367 apartment.

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Botafumerio

C. Thai de Gracia

D. La Taberna Griega

E. La Rosa del Desierto

F. Can Xurrades

Our description of the restaurants:

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment Id B367, Gran de Gracia Chic street Apartment, here is link to the apartment details and pictures:


In the Gran de Gracia is this great restaurant that offers the best of the delicious Galician cuisine. If you’re looking to eat delicious food in an exclusive and only here you can find a warm and intimate. this restaurant will let you try the best dishes of Galicia, all with products of excellent quality and a healthy and natural development. All this you can taste both in the classroom and in the booths, the attentive staff who provide customer and attractive letter is the siren song that has attracted hundreds of people to this very rich and pleasant restaurant.


Thailand is a paradise for lovers of good kitchen. The whole country is a land of flavors that captivate the most demanding goumerts. Very close to the diagonal street, starting the Gracia neighborhood, this unique Thai restaurant sector, offers the best of Thai cuisine. Customer service, their different specialties, attractive decor and especially the quality of their cuisine makes them recognized as the best. In this restaurant you will find the most delicious Thai food, prepared exclusively by natives. If you want a friendly, eating well on a unique and original this is a great option for you to enjoy a great meal.


Everyone that I reccomend La casa Griega to our You Stylish guests, they come back delighted. La Taverna Griega invites us in the heart of Gracia, to discover the traditional cuisine of Greece. In a simple, rustic, small restaurant offers specialties such as mussaka at reasonable prices. This is a lovely typical Greek restaurant it gives the chance to sample the best homemade Greek cuisine in the area, with specialties like Moussaka, pikilla, salads, horratiki salata, saganakime salata, kokkinisto, kolokithakia, kotopoulo Pilafian, Kalamaria, gemist I feta among others, including their typical Greek wines and homemade desserts completely.


This is a classic restaurant in Barcelona that was born 45 years ago and is known for its specialties in Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine. The Desert Rose is a gastronomic corner in the heart of Gracia. Typical dishes are made by the best hands cooking the native recipes. The flavor of each recipe makes you feel transported to Morocco. Be part of the long history of this truly local, one of the best and most famous restaurants in this field. With the attention that you will receive, you will want to be back soon.


Can Xurrades is a traditional restaurant with rustic decor and a friendly, family atmosphere. You will find it in the neighborhood of Gràcia where you let yourself be captivated by their flavors and friendly service. It offers seasonal cuisine and dishes cooked in charcoal, retaining and concentrating the most flavor. In your menu you will find delicious salads, fish and meat only, the real beef.


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Buen Provecho! (boo-en Pro-vech-o) Enjoy your meal!