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“On the one hand, shopping is dependable: You can do it alone, if you lose your heart to something that is wrong for you, you can return it; it’s instant gratification and yet something you buy may well last for years.” – Judith Krantz

There is a little something for everyone in Barcelona. You can find some of the greatest gifts for yourself or for your loved ones and everything is in walking distance from your rental apartment. Here are the places where we here at You Stylish Barcelona Apartments shop.

Barcelona shopping B200

Shopping Barcelona map B200

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A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Rambla de Catalunya

C. Calle Muntaner

D. Carrer de Pelai

E. El Triangle

F. La Boquería

G. El Portal de L’Angel

Description of the Shopping areas:


Your apartment B200, City Center Art Deco Apartment B200

Shopping Barcelona B200 main


On the Rambla de Catalunya you can find some smaller format stores with some of them real gems! Here you will find stores of high quality but not wallet busters. Particular favorites of mine are Oysho for underwear, Mango, Zara, Violeta, Nice Things for normal clothes and then you can get some lunch in the many coffee shops or restaurants on this street. There are some classics like La Bodegueta, Ciudad Condal, Cervesaria Catalana, 5 Jotas if you are looking for some quality tapas. One store that is quite special if the Colmado Quilez. It is currently smaller than is seen in this picture because sadly, they had to minimize the store to make room for a clothes shop that is now occupying the corner. The Quilez is one of the few remaining historical shops where you can find many delicatessen products from Spain. They have special cheeses, some novelty cookie tins and many hard to find alcohol bottles, special wines, waters from around the world and more. Definitely take a look to see what shopping in the general store was like back in the day. You tell the teller what you would like and go to a “check out” counter by the door with your products. Its a different sort of experience.

Shopping Barcelona B200 Colmado quilez


Barcelona is a hot spot for the gay community. The discos in Barcelona like Arena tend to be some of the best and Muntaner is a Mecca of gay men’s fashion. In this area of Eixample, you are sure to find other goodies apart from the chic boutiques. It’s all about looking good and feeling good even if you are not a member of the gay community. There are many great restaurants, bars, and boutiques for everyone. Chupitos is a bar on Mallorca and Aribau -catered to everyone. Their specialty? Shots. Need I say more?

Shopping Barcelona B200 gay neighborhood


Hello shoes!!! Pelai is all about those classic stores like Oysho, Pull and Bear, Mango, Zara, Stradivarius, etc. This small street can have you walking back and forth zigzagging all the way from the University to the Rambla for hours. My mother, who hates walking, literally spent a good 4 hours on this street walking back and forth when she came to visit. There is also the Triangle here where the FNAC is located if you need any electronics, books or whatever. They also opened a new Urban Outfitters and Top Shop stores.

Shopping Barcelona B200 Pelai


In this big building you can find Sephora which is a must for make-up necessities, Habitat, a sunglasses store, a place to buy Hello Kitty things, a café/ice cream shop and most importantly, el FNAC. Here you can buy anything electronic. You can also buy music, books, accessories, magazines and they even have concerts right in the store. If you are lucky, you can get your shopping done and then catch a free concert. Make sure to check for schedule info.

Shopping Barcelona B200 FNAC


Fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, sweets, and nuts…everything edible is sold here in la Boquería. This open-air market that is full of little booths is a sight to see. In the summer, they sell the best juice drinks for one euro and they say that Ferran Adriá, one of the greatest chefs in the world, buys his products here. With how delicious everything looks and I know first hand, tastes, I believe it. While you are there, you should have a cup of coffee in the little café booths, or try the delicious falafels in the Maoz on the corner. Enjoy the fruit smoothies or partake in the homemade take away.

Shopping Barcelona Boqueria


The Rambla is good for its many novelty shops and touristy shops but El Portal de L’Angel is special because apart from having all your necessary stores in one street, many times during the year they keep a space at the head of the street for people with their hand made crafts. Sometimes people even sell rustic cheese, meats and sweets. The best muffin I have ever eaten in my life (Magdalena) was in the Portal de L’Angel. I’ve also found many unique gifts for friends and family back home in the states. On days when the crafts tents are not offered, you can roam the many standard shops including the Disney store, a psychedelic H&M, Oysho, Massimo Dutti, etc.

Shopping Barcelona Portal Angel