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“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” -Oscar Wilde

Sometimes you just have to buy yourself something nice. Sometimes you buy things that are practical, sometimes you buy because it makes you happy, or because that new outit makes you feel pretty. Barcelona is a really great place to find the latest fashions from a large gamut of styles. Maybe you are searching for the PERFECT gift for your mom…there are so many places to buy unique and cool gifts here in Barcelona. If you are looking for delicatessans from Spain like red peppers from Navarra, or cheese from Asturias, you need a couple good bottles of wine for your father, there are many places to take a look to find what you are looking for. You Stylish has found the best places close to your You Stylish apartment so that you don’t have to waste time and so that you may be able to buy things stress free. Check it out.

Here are some places within walking distance from your You Stylish Apartment to find what you are looking for.

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A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. Diagonal Mar Shopping Center

C. Selva de Mar Metro stop

D. Mercadona

E. Diagonal Street

F. Mercat del Poblenou

Description of the Shopping areas:

A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment Id B410, Beach Pool Terrace, here is link to the apartment details and pictures:

Apartment 410


The Diagonal Mar shopping center should be your first stop in this area for clothes, shoes, accesories, electronics, books and even food. In the basement of the shopping mall you have an Alcampo which is a huge supermarket full of everything you could possibly need for your stay with us. Also in the basement there is a type of electronics store that carries everything from refridgerators, to cell phone covers. Upstairs in the shopping mall you will find an outdoor and indoor food court. The outdoor food court includes places like Tapas and Cañas (tapas and beer) or McDonalds and in the inside food court you have ice cream shops and other small stands for donuts, snack foods etc. All the rest of the shops are shops from Barcelona like Zara, Mango, Mossimo Dutti, Levi’s and many more. Its a great place to spend some time if you are sick of being outside in the sun and want some air conditioning, or if you need to buy a lot of things and you don’t want to waste too much time traveling to and fro.


Ok, well let’s face it, all of the best shops are in the middle of the city. Or at least the real Barcelona shopping experience is when you go door to door to all the specialty shops and spend the whole day walking around window shopping. If that is what you are after, getting to the center of the city is a really easy task. The Selva de Mar Metro stop is within walking distance from the flat. You can buy a metro ticket right in the Metro stop. Before you get to the doors to enter into the metro, you will see red and white computer machines with ticket options. Tickets may be bought with cash or credit card (there is a special computer for credit card). A “Billet Senzill” or a single ticket is for one trip and cannot be used again. It costs 1.40€ for either the bus or the metro. The T-10 ticket is the most popular choice because it costs 7.95€ and gives you ten trips. Once you are on the metro, you can make any switches as long as you do not leave the metro gates. You can also use the ticket for the bus system or the Tramvía. The great part about this ticket is that you may leave the metro gates and if you return within an hour and 15 minutes from the moment you use the card, you may re-enter the metro/bus/or tramvía for free. Another choice that you have is to buy a T-día which is a single person ticket that is for unlimited traveling for one full day. It costs 6€. If you are staying in Barcelona for a longer time you have the option of buying a T-mes which is valid for unlimted usage for 30 days and costs 49.30€. If you want more information you can check out the TMB website.


If you just want to get some grocery shopping done and you don’t want to waste too much time finding things, or wandering around then Mercadona is closer than the Diagonal mar shopping center to your Barcelona apartment. Here, you can find the basic necesities for your grocery needs, you can also find cleaning materials, and beauty products. Mercadona tends to have a reputation for being quite cheap so you don’t have to worry about over doing your budget. Remember, being able to store food in your apartment and cook is already saving you a lot of money.


On Diagonal street you can find other various small shops. A good idea while you are on this street is to take the Tram down Diagonal and you will end up in the other big shopping area called the Glóries shopping district. This place is sort of like the Diagonal Mar center but the shops aren’t inside one big building, some of them are outside and apart from the mall area. Here they also have shops that aren’t in the Diagonal Mar center. To get here takes less than 10 minutes in Tram. They also have a cinema in this shopping center with movies in 3D.


Here is a classic choice for shopping in Barcelona. Back in to the 1700’s this area of Barcelona was it’s own village and the Mercat del Poblenou was the main place to get shopping done. The building has obviously had some work done to modernize it and the stands are all new but the concept stays the same: the freshest materials, fish just fished out of the Mediterranean sea etc. This is a great place to find delicatessans or classic produce from Barcelona and they have a really informative website if you want an idea about what the market is all about.


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