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14-03-2012 |

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.”

On almost every street in Barcelona you can find bars, but where are the really special ones located? We have made this list here for you of our favorite cocktail places so that you come to Barcelona well prepared in the case that you receive that oh so quiet nocturnal itch.

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A. YOU ARE HERE: Your apartment with You Stylish Barcelona Apartments

B. La Rosa Negra

C. City Hall

D. Plaza Real

E. Princesa 23

F. Mamaine


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One of my all time favorite restaurants in Barcelona for Mexican food and what is really cool is that at night, it turns into a great place to grab a cocktail and if you are like me, some nachos with extra jalapeños. Maybe because I had one of the best dates in my life there, or maybe because they offer Margaritas by the jar (best date in my life), La Rosa Negra is a place to go to at least once if you come to Barcelona and especially if you stay in this apartment considering you are within walking distance (after a couple of margarita “jarras” this is really handy). But if you don’t like margaritas and tequila, no worries, because La Rosa Negra offers mojitos and other such classic cocktails. Don’t miss out on the Rosa Negra happy hour where the drinks are cheaper!


This club may be the only or the few that every day of the year offers its attendees an incredible electronic music bladed. It is located very close to Plaza Catalunya and you can get to it after having gone through a lot of bars in Barcelona. Normally when it is filled is around 2 or 3 am. Here you will find two rooms. The bigger than this on the ground floor offers live music djs with great electronic music, while the top offers a mix of more commercial music.


Hidden in the middle of the Rambla there is Plaza Reial, where you will find different bar choices that surround the plaza before you go dancing which is a plus. In one of the emblematic places of Barcelona go unnoticed among the first orders of Gaudí made ​​by the City of Barcelona: The streetlights. You can choose from the many places this plazas has to eat, have a drink or beer and then go to party. Almost all the bars that surround this plaza are open until 3am. This means that is the perfect spot to go bar hopping before getting in a big disco, or if you rather take a drink and go home.

E. Princesa 23

This is a bar / restaurant is perfect for dinner and then stay for drinks. To celebrate a birthday or to enjoy with your friends, this place offers a pleasant atmosphere where you can listen to music chill out and prepare for a good night out.


In this small tropical cocktails bar, located in the Born district, as its name refers to, you will be able to find: pina coladas, margaritas, daiquiris, among other delicious drinks. There is not so much lighting and there are some small tables and chairs. The music is responsible for creating the tropical atmosphere with Latin rhythms and, above all, salsa.


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