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“Presence is more than just being there.” -Malcolm S. Forbes

In Barcelona, you know that there is always something to see. People come back year after year and still find new sights, tastes and sounds. Now, we here at You Stylish Barcelona apartments want to make sure that you have full access to what Barcelona has to offer. Here are the ways to get to some of the biggest sights in Barcelona from your B502 rental apartment!

For a Cultural Visit just around your apartment, the itinerary suggested is:

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Our description of the sights:

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The Bus Turístic in Barcelona is the ultimate sightseeing experience! I’ve been on it at least three times, twice as a student and once with my mom. It’s the best way to see the biggest and best sights of Barcelona without the hassle of taking public transportation. You pay one fee, you get to sit down, and they explain the facts about the sights in Barcelona that you might not have known if you just went by your self. You can get on and off when you want, taking your sightseeing at your own pace. And there is a stop right outside your You-Stylish Barcelona apartment! This is a must if you really want to take advantage of what Barcelona has to offer. Tickets can be purchased right on the bus.

So you have chosen a rental apartment by the beach. Good choice. Now its time to enjoy it! Barcelona beaches have more than just the sea and sun. The beach stretches all the way past the center of the city of Barcelona with a long boardwalk which is usually filled with great seafood restaurants, chiringuitos (beach bars), dance clubs, volley ball nets, some playing areas for children, and street performers. Also in the Barceloneta area, which is closer to the center of the city, you can find some specialty grocery and souvenir shops. Did you know that there is even a hospital on the beach? It’s located in the Barceloneta area and it is one of the best hospitals in Barcelona. One quick tip: Make sure to keep watch of your things when you are on the beach as there are pickpockets. The best thing to do is not bring valueables on the beach altogether. Some other things that you can expect to see in the beach are people selling beer and refreshments, massages, henna tatoos, and other things. These people usually walk around in the beaches toward the center of the city. If you don’t want to be bothered, your You Stylish apartment is in the best area to the left of the city.


Barcelona, ​​apart from being a city full of nightlife and well known worldwide for all tourism has also worry about having things for the children. One of its attractions is the great Barcelona Zoo. This zoo was established by a donation that makes the wealthy banker Lluís Martí Codolar who offers his collection of exotic and native animals to the city of Barcelona. Is located in the Ciutadella park in the very center of town and close to the beach. Here you can enjoy and learn many exotic animals to greet them and see how they live in what they have done for simulate their natural habitat. Also here, children and adults can enjoy animal shows and spend an unforgettable day.


In Barcelona in addition to being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and be able to enjoy it every day, we have the opportunity to learn about different animals that live there. The aquarium of Barcelona, offers you the chance to enjoy one of the best places for children. Here you will be able to enter and dive into the ocean world. The aquarium offers shows, workshops and the possibility of entering the water and swimming with sharks, this, and many more activities.


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