From Austria To Barcelona For New Year’s Eve!

Review of Classic Diagonal 4 bedroom B424

07-01-2019 |

We had a great time in Barcelona, especially with our apartment which was great and had a lot of space for all of us. A lot of fun, and we went partying especially for new year’s eve

We had a club just around the corner which was nice, so we didn’t need to move far away to find some good time here in Barcelona. Yeah! Barcelona is a beautiful city you should definitely come here, you won’t regret it, it’s always sunny, and the people here are super nice all the time. 

There are lots to do, if you are not into partying as we are, you can still enjoy some tremendous cultural landmarks like Casa Batllo or Casa Vicens and the food is just to die for. There was not a single day where we didn’t eat like kings and queens everywhere we went. Tapas and wine tasting are everywhere. We even tried the traditional Vermut which is very tasty, especially if you are into tasty drinks.

new year's eve


Lukas and his group of 8 friends came to Barcelona from Austria to spend some days in the city and especially New Year’s Eve. They had an amazing time! The apartment they chose is a classic spacious apartment ideal for large groups.



They chose to stay at our apartment B424 located in the Zona Alta of Barcelona. A very local neighborhood of the city. This apartment is well connected to all the public transportation Luke and his group were able to move around the city and easily get to the city center.


Thank you, Luke, for your visit. We hope you come back to visit us soon!


Check out the apartment were Luke and his friends stayed: 

Classic Diagonal 4 bedroom B424