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You Stylish Responsible Tourism Policy

Sustainable enterprise | 01.11.2023

Being aware of the importance of maintaining the development of sustainable tourism, and undertaking the principles and objectives adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2015, COP 21 and the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism + 20, as well as the provisions framed by the Tourism Council and  Barcelona City Council, in accordance with the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, You Stylish City SL, in its facilities, commits to carry out sustainable management of all its activities, by adopting policies aimed at preventiion, elimination or reduction of the impact of our actions as well as optimization of  the sustainability of the establishment by improving its behavior towards the environment.

The goal is to effectively gather our clients' data and comprehend their demands in order to develop an experience that is tailored to their needs and consistent with our corporate sustainable principles. By doing this, we hope to provide our clients with the ideal experience, as well as to thousands of other new clients. We also hope to have a beneficial impact on the local community and on all the individuals engaged in the process.

We are a tourist apartment rental company in the city of Barcelona, with a unique focus on the user experience and their life in our city. We constantly seek to work in tandem with sustainable and responsible tourism policies. For us, each Client is in the center of our activity. It is our added value to know them in order to generate an ideal and unrepeatable experience in our lodging. For this reason, we really believe in digitization nowadays, but we also strongly believe in implementing it without losing the human value we provide to our clients with customized services. We also strive to elevate this human experience to the point where the client always feels supported. 

We are clear that the only possible way forward is sustainable tourism, putting above the priorities of respect, civility, conscious use of the resources, and promoting trade and local culture. That is very much in line with our philosophy and trajectory as a company, promoting respect for the environment, culture, working conditions, gender equity and social and economic return. We are a Biosphere Certified company. We have already moved forward in many aspects, and we are sure to be able to still move bit further every year..

This Responsible Tourism Policy is based on the following principles of action:

  • The pursuit of respect and sustainability towards the environment through continuous management of the energy efficiency, helping to create an environment of coexistence and trust in the community where it carries out its activities;
  • The collaboration and establishment of strategic relationships with local suppliers that work in a sustainable way to satisfy the needs of consumers;
  • The promotion of responsible management through compliance with positive governance practices and the establishment of a framework for action based on ethics, transparency and efficient risk management;
  • The promotion of the principles of equality by adopting accessibility and non-discrimination measures.
  • More customized information provided. The Guest receives more quantitative and qualitative information about the sustainability of the destination and make decisions regarding the choice and purchase of tourism services. Furthermore, the tourism awareness actions of the destinations are enhanced, favoring a more responsible behavior in the destination, which is complemented with community engagement actions based on sustainable development.
  • Sustainable Marketing Strategy. To access to our targeted clients, we set and improve our marketing strategy. We target customers aligned to our company values. We are a sustainable, respectful company. We drive from marketing of performance (where you only work on reducing price...), to a marketing of values. What added values you offer to your clients that make your product desired. Using an email marketing campaign with segmented clients data base.
  • We have done the European Tourban project, where we worked to reduce the energy consumption per stay, to reduce the carbon footprint of each client. Being able to digitally communicate with clients, in an intelligent way, we get up to 10% saving with their engagement while using our apartments. We recommend at each apartment, when to use the curtains, to reduce the heat coming into the apartment, and use less air conditioning. 
  • We recommending local and cultural events of the city, we have wide experience and like having the human touch both with our suppliers and our clients

You Stylish is motivated and committed to achieve a change towards sustainability through our new project and its associated challenges. We take into account the Team's importance and implication to effectively communicate, and drive Sustainable marketing & sales. We have also our marketing and sales team, our maintenance team, our customer service and our cleaning team to be involved implementing the global process towards sustainability. Our general aim is to have high visitor Engagement & Satisfaction. We work to improve our Customer Journey.

The Responsible Tourism Policy will be updated whenever circumstances require it, adopting and publishing new sustainability objectives.


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