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You Stylish Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)

Sustainable enterprise | 02.11.2023

YouStylish  aims to guarantee that it works ethically, considering human rights as well as the social, economic, and environmental impact of what we do as a business.

YouStylish conceives Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as part of its strategy and a key factor for the development of its activities in a sustainable way, based on business management in a way that preserves the environment and considering it as a pillar of good functioning at all times. of the organization, the relationship with the different interest groups that make up our tourism environment: our Human Capital, our clients and suppliers, other external stakeholders (social, tourist entities and NGOs) and society in general.

YouStylish's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy is constituted as the reference framework at the corporate level to respond to the commitments assumed in the following areas: 

  • Responsible management: compliance with the best good governance practices and the establishment of an action framework based on ethics, transparency and efficient risk management.
  • Commitment to people: job creation, collaboration in socio-humanitarian aid programs and the creation of value for owners and society;
  • Gender equality. Great commitment and solidity. We have a workplace and sexual harassment protocol. With training courses implemented to employees.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards. Commitment and resources dedicated to the prevention of workplace risks.
  • Quality and price: offering consumers solutions to their lodging and leisure needs, from a unique commitment in the market to quality and price.
  • Caring for the environment: with the purpose of creating value in society, YouStylish is committed to respect and sustainability of the environment through constant management of the reduction of energy resources, contributing to generating an environment of coexistence and trust in society. community where it carries out its activities and promoting the local market of its allies.
  • Promotion of local commerce. Great commitment to the City and its local commerce. Promotion of collaboration with local suppliers.


This policy applies to all members of Youstylish since they have the obligation to know, understand, comply with and be the ones to put into practice, actively promote and supervise compliance with these principles and actions in their area of ​​responsibility, integrating it into their form. of being, doing and saying.



The corporate values ​​that YouStylish has developed throughout its history form the basis of action for all employees and are:

- Commitment to your work.

- Respect for integrity.

- Excellence in your professional activity.

- Search for customer trust.

- Obtaining profitability.



We take as responsibility a set of measures that actions to contemplate to contribute positively to sustainable development::

 1. Clients

Satisfying the needs and expectations of clients in an optimal, reliable and competitive manner and promoting lasting business relationships, based on a permanent attitude of service, trust and value contribution, meeting the most demanding standards of business ethics, which range from respect from intellectual property to fair competition, or transparency in business.

Maintaining a two-way communication channel, using new technologies, publicizing the activities and news of the organization, and collecting the needs and requirements of our clients.

 2. Employees

Promoting people management policies, carrying out activities to improve training, awareness and professional competence, establishing, among others, work-family-professional conciliation, ensuring their health and well-being, and promoting communication, tolerance, equality and integration between the staff that makes up YouStylish.

3. Suppliers

Reaching agreements with entities that prioritize business and environmental responsibility within their actions, specified in our Sustainable Suppliers and Purchasing Policy.

 4. Society

There are many actions that we have incorporated over the last few years as part of our daily work with administrative or volunteer entities from the weakest or most disadvantaged social sectors.

  • We participated in the donation of sheets to two institutions: “AcidH” and “Planetary Action” whose focus is to improve equality and social integration.
  • We contribute monthly to Humana by donating the forgotten and unclaimed clothing of our guests in the apartments.
  • We collaborate with Save The Children Spain, acquiring Christmas packages - which we give to our employees - whose proceeds were destined to summer camp projects for children at risk of poverty or exclusion.

 5. Environment

Our commitment to the natural environment and the environment that surrounds YouStylish and as such, it is our desire to continue advancing in reducing the environmental impact that our activity may generate by performing:

a.- responsible water management (consciously using the double flush button in bathroom cisterns; incorporating automatic shut-off faucets and installing a drinking water source);

b.- optimizing the use of energy resources (including AAA-labeled appliances, the correct use of A/C, the replacement of lighting with LED lamps and the application of a light sensor in the sinks); Where possible, the control software of the Air Conditioning machines have been modified to ensure compliance with European recommendations for temperature-conscious use.

c.- using biodegradable cleaning, disinfection or refrigerant products;

d.- recycling products and materials (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic containers, batteries, FC lighting tubes, cooking oils and fats, etc.), and responsibly managing the waste generated, and using it in our food production processes the largest amount of durable and therefore non-disposable packaging. 

 6. Business Management

Our attitude in this sense is to give a focus to our activity that responds to the challenge of responsible economic sustainability, without unnecessary risks, guiding the technological solutions within our reach to maintain lasting and consolidated development by providing differentiated services that contribute to the economic progress, from ethical and responsible conduct required of all Youstylish employees, as well as in all possible commercial relationships established with third parties.


The company's management, together with the person responsible for sustainable development, will be responsible for supervising compliance with the corporate governance rules, the internal codes of conduct and the corporate social responsibility policy. Likewise, among the functions included within this control is ensuring that it is oriented towards the creation of value. They will be in charge of monitoring the corporate social responsibility strategy and practices, as well as evaluating their degree of compliance; of the supervision and evaluation of the relationship processes with the different interest groups and the evaluation of everything related to the company's non-financial risks, including operational, technological, legal, social, environmental, political and reputational risks.


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